What Do You Look For During A Checkup?

Dental checkups at AH Smiles with Dr Brent EngelbergLast week we discussed the importance of general dental procedures, such as dental cleanings. Today, we’re going to take a closer look at dental checkups. What problems will your dentist look for during your six month checkup? What dangers can develop as a result of avoiding routine checkups?

Periodontal Disease Screening During Checkup

As part of your exam will we screen your smile for the warning signs of periodontal disease, such as redness, bleeding, or the presence of periodontal pockets. Identifying the presence of the disease in the early stages means we can help you successfully manage it, preventing the onset of the advanced stage, known as periodontitis. Without proper management periodontitis can lead to adult tooth loss.

Oral Cancer Screening

Each year, over 45,000 people are diagnosed with oral cancer. Unfortunately, in many cases the diagnosis comes at the later stages of the disease. A late diagnosis means over 50% of people diagnosed succumb to the disease within five years. However, if you attend regular checkups the doctor is more likely to discover the presence of oral cancer in the earliest stages, increasing the chances of a full recovery.

Tooth Decay

Compared to the two above, this may seem like a more minor problem to look for. However, without treatment tooth decay can increase the risk of an infection or abscess, causing serious discomfort and a greater risk of losing the tooth. If we discover the presence of decay, we can recommend a filling or possibly an inlay or onlay to address the problem and restore the tooth to full function and health. If you have any questions or if you would like to schedule a visit, then contact our office today.

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