Sedation Dentistry Arlington Heights, IL

Sedation Dentistry An Overview

Dental anxiety or dental phobia is a real problem for many people, preventing them from seeking the dental care they need. Unfortunately, this often results in complex dental problems, including tooth loss, that have a detrimental effect on daily quality of life.

Dr. Brent Engelberg provides sedation dentistry options to enable those who suffer from dental anxiety to feel relaxed and comfortable during their treatment. Sedation dentistry can also be used to perform several dental treatments during a single visit.

Many patients tell us all the time about how much they used to dread going to the dentist before finding our office. Our goal is to create a positive patient experience so that you are able to sit back, relax, and look forward to your upcoming dental appointments and procedures. Dr. Brent Engelberg has some tips to help patients with dental anxiety overcome their fears of the dentist. Here are three things you can do to help you relax at the dentist office.

Who Benefits From Sedation Dentistry?

Patients with dental anxiety aren’t the ones that benefit from sedation dentistry, though they’re a large benefactor. If you have a movement disorder, it can be hard for you to get the dental care you need. Involuntary movements can make care dangerous when sharp dental instruments are used. Sedation relaxes these movements so that you can get care safely.

This is also true for patients that suffer from severe gag reflexes. Gagging makes care uncomfortable and difficult both for you and the dentist, as it’s essentially fighting your dentist. Sedation relaxes this reflex so that dental care is easier.

If you have dental anxiety, you may not get the regular dental care that you need. Issues compound and can lead to more serious dental problems. Sedation lets us take care of multiple dental issues in one sitting. You can sit in the chair and relax longer when you’re using sedation. We can get you back on track with your oral health.

Come Prepared!

A big stressor that many patients experience is settling in at a new dentist’s office. There will be some paperwork to fill out, and we may ask for certain documents from you to ensure we are able to provide you with the care you need. Being well-prepared for your appointment will ensure that the doctor has all of the needed information to provide the best possible care for you. It will also help relieve any unnecessary dental anxiety you may be feeling.

If you are planning on scheduling your first appointment with AH Smiles, we have made it easy for you to be prepared for your appointment. You may access all of our patient forms below:

Don’t Hold Back; Ask Questions.

Another factor that contributes to dental anxiety is not knowing what to expect when you sit down in the dental chair. We recommend asking questions before, during, and after your appointment. If you need further information about your dental health procedures, please let us know at any time!

We prioritize patient education initiatives. We do our best to answer all of your questions so that you feel confident about your dental procedures and treatments received. Dr. Engelberg believes that an informed patient is a healthier patient. That’s why we provide you with everything you need to know about your dental health care.

"Dear Brent, As a busy home inspector it is sometimes difficult to find the time to maintain my oral hygiene. The flexible hours and electronic follow-up your office provides makes it much easier for me to schedule and keep appointments without having to worry about losing an inspection. After a recent visit, I received an e-mail notice the other day to complete a survey regarding my experience. Instead of filling out the survey, I thought it would be more beneficial to let you know that my visit on December 11 was quite pleasant. Laura did a great job of making me feel relaxed as she turned on the chair back massager. My blood pressure is usually 150/90 when I walk into your office, this time it was 124/70. She took extra time to update my x-rays and then started to work cleaning my teeth. She kept me advised or her progress, was very gentle and before I knew it, she was finished. She even complimented me on the positive results of my flossing. What a way to start the day. You have a great staff doc and your chairside manner isn’t too shabby either. The professionalism you demonstrate clearly filters down to your staff; it makes it easy for me to send them your way when someone needs your expertise."Thomas M.
"Drs. Engelberg and Mularkey are a fantastic duo. As a fellow dental professional I have the pleasure of working with them and seeing their fine dentistry. I can honestly say that they are of the highest caliber dentists and genuinely care about their patients. You can feel confident in choosing their practice."Emily S.
"This office truly cares about patients. I hate the dentist. So much so I make my husband come to help calm me down. This office is great with patients like me. They truly understand how difficult it can be for patients and will help to make you feel at ease. I will not go anywhere else. This office is no longer close to our new home but I will drive to come here. I have tried may offices that say they understand how I feel. Dr. Engelberg truly cares about his patients and understand how stressful it can be for people like me. I recommend this office to anyone who asks for a recommendation."Km H.
"Best dental office ever! This is a great dental practice, Dr. Engelberg is awesome, his hygienists are wonderful and his office staff is warm and inviting. I actually look forward to seeing everyone when I go in for an appointment. Dr. Engelberg is extremely knowledgeable and always thoroughly explains procedures before and during the time the work is being done. He's the best dentist I've ever had! My whole family goes to him and absolutely loves him!"Kate F.
"This is a great office. From the moment you walk in the door into the spa-like atmosphere, you are welcomed like family. Just had a crown done by Dr. Mullarkey, which was one of the best dental experiences I have ever had. She took her time, was very patient, and virtually painless. Pam is my favorite hygienist!! Love the warm lavender towels at the end of the appointments. If you are looking for a new dentist, I highly recommend this practice!!"Linda D.

Sedation Dentistry What to Expect

AH Smiles uses Nitrous Oxide. Known as “laughing gas”, nitrous oxide allows patients to feel completely relaxed during treatment while also remaining awake and cooperative. The effects of sedation are only experienced while the mask is in place, subsiding quickly once removed.

For additional measures, you can also consider bringing a trusted friend along with you to your appointment. You may also bring in headphones and listen to your favorite music while we work on your teeth.

If you are looking for a compassionate and comprehensive dentist in Arlington Heights, IL, come visit Dr. Brent Engelberg at AH Smiles. Dr. Engelberg will discuss your personal concerns and fears prior to your treatment and recommend the appropriate sedation option. If you have been avoiding the dentist for some time, schedule an appointment with Dr. Engelberg to begin the process of restoring your natural smile.

Sedation Dentistry FAQs

What leads patients to choosing sedation dentistry?

Patients who choose sedation dentistry often have anxiety or a past experience that makes them nervous about going to the dentist or having a procedure. Reasons for this choice may be phobias of dental procedures, a scary or bad past experience with dentists, sensitive nerves, a small mouth, or a general anxiety disorder. If you are interested in finding out more about sedation dentistry, ask your dentist about your options and if they think you may be a good candidate.

Are there side effects related to sedation in dental procedures?

Patients usually experience headaches after being sedated for a dental procedure. Sedation for dental procedures is typically short and milder than larger-scale surgical operations. Some may also experience nausea or a loss of appetite. These symptoms occur in most people post-sedation, but they are not a concern until 48 hours post-operation.

What activities can I do after I have been sedated?

Post-sedation feelings vary from patient to patient, depending on the level of sedation, so it is important to make sure that you have someone around to help you for at least 24 hours after your operation. It is also important not to drive for 24 hours after being sedated. Many people sleep after being sedated so that they do not feel any of the negative side effects.

How long does it take for sedation to wear off after a procedure?

Sedation gradually wears off during the course of the day after the operation. Patients start to feel normal between 6-8 hours after the operation. Most patients are able to return to their normal work and activities within 24 hours of the procedure.