Our TechnologyArlington Heights, IL

The Arlington Heights dentist office of Dr. Brent Engelberg is a digital dental practice. This refers to the diagnostics used in your dental care and the digital record-keeping used for archiving your dental health history for future use.

Dedicated to providing the highest quality of dentistry using the latest techniques, Drs. Engelberg has incorporated leading dental technology into their practice to benefit patients: greater accuracy in diagnosis and planning, less pain, and fewer side effects. Our use of specialized dental care software in various aspects of our dentistry also supports improved diagnostics, which enables us to provide the most appropriate treatment recommendations for your specific oral health needs.

dental office technology arlington heights il

CEREC Same Day Dentistry

CEREC is a CAD/CAM technology that enables Dr. Engelberg to digitally design, fabricate, and place quality ceramic dental restorations during a single visit. Dental crowns, dental veneers, inlays, and onlays can be made in the office with a greater degree of accuracy and the on-site ability to make adjustments for a comfortable fit.


Spotting tooth decay as early as possible is the key to avoiding tooth damage or loss. DIAGNOdent is a painless, non-invasive laser tool that highlights irregularities indicating developing decay or damage. Your cavity can be treated promptly with a dental filling in our Arlington Heights dentist office.

Digital X-Ray

Dr. Engelberg has incorporated digital technology and diagnostics for an improved patient experience and greater efficiency in managing your dental health records. Digital x-rays expose patients to significantly less radiation when compared to traditional methods.


Dr. Engelberg uses BioJVA™ for analyzing your temporomandibular joints in the diagnosis of occlusal disorders such as TMJ. This device enables him to detect the friction in your joints created during mouth movement, indicating areas of stress that can be the cause of a bite problem and associated pain such as headaches and jaw pain.

The Wand® & STA® & CompuDent®

To make your dental treatment or procedure as pain-free as possible, Dr. Engelberg uses The Wand® STA® for accurate and easy delivery of a local anesthetic. Computer-controlled delivery of your anesthetic provides consistent comfort during the entire dental procedure. This tool also helps to reduce the spread of anesthetic, which can produce that overall numb feeling that can last for several hours. Many patients are able to eat and drink easily right away and report no discomfort during their treatment.


For pain-free injections, Dr. Engelberg uses the DentalVibe. This hand-held tool causes tissues around an injection to vibrate, tricking the brain into ignoring the actual injection to avoid the momentary feeling of pain.

Soft Tissue Laser

Dr. Engelberg uses a soft tissue laser for a variety of dental treatments, including gingivectomy and crown lengthening. The soft tissue laser provides a less painful and more accurate treatment that previously may have required gum surgery.

Overjet AI

This advanced FDA-cleared digital diagnostic software enhances our ability to identify and monitor developing dental problems such as tooth decay. Dr. Engelberg is able to educate our patients on the condition of their oral health using the Overjet AI digital software and digital x-rays. Overjet AI also identifies periodontal disease and can be used to help patients improve gum health when gum disease is in the early stage of development.