In The Media

In The Media

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American Dental Association news

ADA NEW DENTIST NEWS: Informational publication put out by the American Dental Association where Dr. Engelberg was interviewed to help guide young dentists seeking to provide cosmetic dentistry services to their patients.

Living Healthy Chicago with Dr. Brent Engelberg

LIVING HEALTHY CHICAGO: See Dr. Engelberg’s television appearance on the CLTV and WGN television show, “Living Healthy Chicago” where he is profiled on cosmetic dentistry.

porcelain veneers testimonial

IPS E.MAX: See the Ivoclar Vivadent profile video featuring one of Dr. Engelberg’s porcelain veneer patients at a photo shoot and testimonial for lithium disilicate porcelain veneers.

Dr. Engelberg’s television appearance

CHECK, PLEASE!: Dr. Engelberg’s television appearance on WTTW’s hit show, “Check, Please!” features his take on Froggy’s Restaurant in Highwood, Illinois.

Glamour Smiles blog

GLAMOUR SMILES BLOG: Enjoy informational posts on this website about cosmetic dentistry from Dr. Engelberg.

porcelain veneer restorations utilizing the IPS e.max system

IVOCLAR VIVADENT: See Dr. Engelberg’s actual patient used in a print advertising campaign for cosmetic dentistry (porcelain veneer restorations utilizing the IPS e.max system).

Living Healthy Chicago
Academy of General Dentistry case study

Limited Adult Orthodontics Contributes to Overall Function and Esthetics of Lithium Disilicate Restorations

spectrum dialogue article

Inside Dentistry publication on Pediatrics

Inside Dentistry publication

On the cover of Dentistry Today

Dentistry Today: Exploring Minimally Invasive Options

Dentist–Ceramist Collaboration in a Full-Mouth Restoration

Zirconia: ClinicalImpressions

Achieving an Esthetic, Additive Full-Mouth Reconstruction Article

Article in Dental Products Report

Froggy's french cafe review