Porcelain Veneers Arlington Heights, IL

Porcelain Veneers An Overview

Porcelain veneers are a highly versatile dental treatment that can serve both cosmetic and restorative purposes for patients with a wide variety of dental health or cosmetic concerns. Porcelain veneers provide excellent results that are highly durable, stain resistant and customized to enhance your natural smile, boosting your confidence in your appearance. They are designed to last for many years with good oral hygiene and dental care, tailored to the aesthetics of your teeth, gums and overall facial structure for the most personalized of smile makeovers.

Porcelain veneers can be used to address a variety of dental concerns:

  • Close spaces between teeth
  • Improve the appearance of crooked teeth
  • Repair chipped or broken teeth
  • Cover stained or discolored teeth

Why Choose Us?

Dr. Brent Engelberg is a highly skilled and experienced cosmetic dentist who places porcelain veneers in his Arlington Heights dental office. He has developed a partnership with renowned dental ceramists Dane Barlow and Brad Jones, a fellow of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) and they have even worked in the past to develop a series of training seminars to teach other dentists how to skillfully place dental veneers for optimal results. Over a dozen of Dr. Engelberg’s cosmetic dentistry and porcelain veneer cases have been published in dental journals. This gallery is a showcase of some of Dr. Engelberg’s actual veneer work -we encourage you to find a case similar to your own so you can visualize how beautiful your smile will become.

Together, Dr. Engelberg, Brad Jones, and Dane Barlow have helped many patients transform their smiles with high-quality veneers that are color matched and precisely made for a comfortable, custom fit and the most natural-looking results.

View Our Veneers Before & After Gallery
"I have always mistrusted Dentist's in the past from some bad experiences. This office is the best ever. Words cannot describe how good it is. You just have to try it. Dr. Engelberg and staff will never try to "upsell" if you don't need it. I have told my friends to go, and if they aren't satisfied, I would pay for their appointment. That's how confident I am about this practice."Glenn C.
"I have ONLY gone to this dentist my entire life (before Engelberg was Uhler). Dr. Engelberg is a great dentist and even better guy! I will be a patient for life because not only are the dentist great, but my dental hygenist Pam is THE best! See ya in FEB!"Matt G.
"Dear Brent, As a busy home inspector it is sometimes difficult to find the time to maintain my oral hygiene. The flexible hours and electronic follow-up your office provides makes it much easier for me to schedule and keep appointments without having to worry about losing an inspection. After a recent visit, I received an e-mail notice the other day to complete a survey regarding my experience. Instead of filling out the survey, I thought it would be more beneficial to let you know that my visit on December 11 was quite pleasant. Laura did a great job of making me feel relaxed as she turned on the chair back massager. My blood pressure is usually 150/90 when I walk into your office, this time it was 124/70. She took extra time to update my x-rays and then started to work cleaning my teeth. She kept me advised or her progress, was very gentle and before I knew it, she was finished. She even complimented me on the positive results of my flossing. What a way to start the day. You have a great staff doc and your chairside manner isn’t too shabby either. The professionalism you demonstrate clearly filters down to your staff; it makes it easy for me to send them your way when someone needs your expertise."Thomas M.
"Drs. Engelberg and Mularkey are a fantastic duo. As a fellow dental professional I have the pleasure of working with them and seeing their fine dentistry. I can honestly say that they are of the highest caliber dentists and genuinely care about their patients. You can feel confident in choosing their practice."Emily S.
"I was in for my 6 month cleaning with Laura. I am always appreciative of her professionalism and thoroughness. When I leave, I know that everyone in the office has my best interests in mind. From Dr. Engelberg to the hygienists to the office staff, they all work diligently to make the dental experience an exceptional one. I would not hesitate to recommend this practice."Mark W.
"Dr. E is the absolute best! His professionalism and bedside manner makes me want to come to dentist! I've always been terrified! The entire office is spectacular- clean, comfortable, friendly! His assistants (especially Gosia) are so gentle, kind, funny and do an amazing job.whole family comes here and you should too!"Ellie S.
"The entire team makes going to the dentist as enjoyable as possible. This is by far the best dental practice I have ever been to, and Dr. Engelberg is big reason. He is highly personable, takes time to listen to figure out what the dental problems may be, and recommends the fix that is in the best interest of his patients. Dr. Engelberg is highly regarded in the dental community in the north shore, and receives glowing accolades from any other dental professionals he has needed to refer me to, such as an oral surgeon and endodontist."Sean C.
"This office truly cares about patients. I hate the dentist. So much so I make my husband come to help calm me down. This office is great with patients like me. They truly understand how difficult it can be for patients and will help to make you feel at ease. I will not go anywhere else. This office is no longer close to our new home but I will drive to come here. I have tried may offices that say they understand how I feel. Dr. Engelberg truly cares about his patients and understand how stressful it can be for people like me. I recommend this office to anyone who asks for a recommendation."Km H.
"Best dental office ever! This is a great dental practice, Dr. Engelberg is awesome, his hygienists are wonderful and his office staff is warm and inviting. I actually look forward to seeing everyone when I go in for an appointment. Dr. Engelberg is extremely knowledgeable and always thoroughly explains procedures before and during the time the work is being done. He's the best dentist I've ever had! My whole family goes to him and absolutely loves him!"Kate F.

Porcelain Veneers What to Expect

The first step towards a healthy, beautiful new smile is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Engelberg. Contact our cosmetic dentistry office at (847) 230-9703 or use our online appointment request form and we will contact you shortly. Dr. Engelberg’s Chicago area dentist office is convenient for patients in Long Grove, IL, Deerfield, IL, Northbrook, IL, Buffalo Grove, IL, Arlington Heights, IL and many suburbs in Northwest Chicago.

Dr. Engelberg combines skill and artistry when placing porcelain veneers, providing either a subtle or dramatic smile makeover to meet your cosmetic goals. Your new dental veneers are also designed to improve your overall dental health, addressing any aspects of your teeth that are impacting your ability to maintain a healthy smile or the function of the bite.

The Porcelain Veneers Procedure

  • Comprehensive Evaluation: A comprehensive dental exam and evaluation is the first step in the process of creating porcelain veneers. This will include a physical examination of the teeth, gums, jaw joints, and other support structures of the mouth. Dr. Engelberg will assess your oral health and ensure that your natural teeth and function of the bite will provide a stable foundation for the restorations.
  • Treatment Planning: Using digital treatment planning, Dr. Engelberg will create a personalized treatment plan for your smile makeover. He may use digital photography or 3-D models to show you what the results of your treatment will look like.
  • Design & Fabrication: Dr. Engelberg will prepare your teeth and take impressions that will be sent to the dental lab of Brad Jones where your porcelain veneers will be skillfully handcrafted.
  • Final Restoration: At the final visit, Dr. Engelberg will place the porcelain veneers on your teeth and check the fit and color. Any minor adjustments are made before they are permanently cemented to the teeth.

Porcelain veneers do require some special care for lasting results. Dr. Engelberg will review instructions with you and show you how to floss and brush the dental veneers to keep all surfaces clean without damaging them. Routine dental cleanings and examinations are important to ensure long-term health and proper fit.

Before & After Patient Testimonial

Kathi had old dental bonding on her front teeth and did not like the bulkiness of it, the position of her teeth, and the opaque look of the bonding. With bright, vibrant porcelain veneers, Dr. Engelberg was able to correct these issues on her upper front teeth.

Kathi was so delighted with the results of the cosmetic dentistry, she elected to do the same thing on her lower front teeth as well! All of the veneers match perfectly, and Kathi’s teeth are now aligned just where she would like them!

Porcelain Veneers FAQs

Can dentists professionally whiten veneers?

No, dentists can not whiten veneers. The treatment does not work on the material that is typically used for veneers. The porcelain material will not accept the whitening solution and the veneers color will remain the same. However, the color of veneer is adjustable so that it will match your teeth. Make sure that they match your teeth, because once they have been put in color cannot change.

Will dental veneers raise my risk of cavities or tooth decay?

Dental veneers do not have any direct correlation of patients developing cavities. When veneers are installed any unexposed or unprotected parts of the tooth or enamel is protected by the new tooth. If anything, veneers patch where cavities would have been likely to form and protect the tooth from any exposure to plaque.

Will porcelain veneers impact what I can eat?

With porcelain veneers, you can eat any food that you choose, however your diet does have a direct impact on the lifespan and aesthetics of your new teeth. The first few days after your procedure, you should be careful not to eat hard or sticky foods to ensure that your veneers are placed properly and to give yourself time to adjust to their new feel. Drinking lots of deep colored drinks such as wine and coffee are likely to stain your veneers quicker than drinking water and lighter colored options.