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If you are missing multiple teeth, Dr. Brent Engelberg offers several options to fill in those gaps. While he does offer both non-implant options and implant restorations, dental implants are typically the best option for many reasons. They are durable enough to function like natural teeth, they will blend in with the surrounding teeth, and they can last a lifetime. Furthermore, traditional replacement options only replace the visible part of the missing teeth. A dental implant post will actually replace the roots in addition to the crown portion of the missing teeth. Implant restorations can be customized to accommodate any number of missing teeth, even edentulous patients.

dental implants for lost teeth

Dr. Engelberg works closely with experienced oral surgeons for the surgical phase of the treatment and will then restore the implants at his dentist office in Arlington Heights, IL.

Multiple Dental Implants

For patients missing multiple teeth, Dr. Engelberg will place several dental implants and restore them with either a dental bridge or partial denture.

Implant Supported Fixed Bridge

A dental bridge is a fixed dental restoration that is used to replace a few consecutive missing teeth. At each end is a dental crown with false teeth in the middle (known as pontics).

Traditional bridgework is used to replace one or a few consecutive missing teeth. The process requires two teeth on either side of the gap to be significantly reduced to support the bridge. Essentially, you are replacing missing teeth by damaging two more teeth.

An implant supported bridge is permanently secured in place without damaging any of the healthy remaining teeth. After an oral surgeon surgically places multiple implant posts, a custom dental bridge will be attached to the implants to hold it securely in place. With this solution, the posts will act like tooth roots, preventing bone loss in the jaw. A dental bridge supported by multiple dental implants provides a structural support for the jaw and bite.

Implant Supported Partial Denture

A partial denture is a custom made restoration used to replace multiple teeth in various locations on an arch. Partials are used when the patient still has some healthy remaining teeth and they just need to fill in the missing gaps.

This removable prosthesis will replace the crowns of several missing teeth. The false teeth are connected to a gum colored base. Metal clips from this base are used to hold the partial in place in the mouth. Unfortunately, the metal is usually visible when the patient smiles. This solution will prevent other teeth from shifting and will fill in the gaps in your smile.

An implant supported partial denture is often a better option to fill in the gaps from missing teeth. It will allow you to talk, bite and chew normally and there are no visible metal clasps. Partials supported by implants will also prevent bone loss in the jaw and allow the patient to eat a larger selection of healthy food. Dr. Engelberg will coordinate with a local oral surgeon for the placement of the implants. Then he will attach a custom made partial denture that will complete your smile at his Arlington Heights, IL dentist office. Your new teeth will look, feel and function like natural teeth.

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