Fixed Hybrid Dentures Arlington Heights, IL

The loss of a full arch of teeth can have a wide-ranging impact on the aesthetics, health, and function of your oral health and overall physical well-being. Dr. Engelberg provides experienced dental care for edentulous patients or those needing to replace teeth that are no longer viable with a denture. He can work with you on an individual basis to achieve a new smile that is stable, beautiful and comfortable with a fixed hybrid denture that can be placed in one day.

Dr. Engelberg takes pride in helping patients experience again the comfort and confidence of a naturally functioning new smile. For many patients who have suffered from missing teeth, poor oral health and even a poorly fitted denture, the placement of a fixed hybrid denture is truly a life-changing event.

fixed hybrid denture arlington heights il.

What is A Fixed Hybrid Denture?

Traditional dentures are removable and need to be held in place with the daily use of an adhesive. Although functional and highly customizable with today’s technology, this type of appliance can become poorly fitting, slip while eating or speaking and lead to other issues with your dental health.

A fixed hybrid denture is held securely in place by several strategically placed dental implants. Dr. Engelberg can create a personalized treatment plan for your needs, coordinate comprehensive care with our surgical partner and place a beautiful, permanent smile in one day.

Am I a candidate for a fixed hybrid denture?

Dr. Engelberg will evaluate the condition of all aspects of your smile and can address any concerns or compromised tissues to enable most patients to be or become a successful candidate. Working in tandem with his surgical partner, Dr. Engelberg can coordinate tooth extractions, sinus lifts, and bone grafting if considered necessary for the long term stability of your new denture.

If you have been told that you are not a candidate or require additional restorative dentistry schedule a consultation and second opinion with Dr. Engelberg to further explore your treatment options.

How much does the fixed denture procedure cost?

Dr. Engelberg will provide a complete explanation of costs for the placement of a fixed denture. The fee for your new smile that will be placed in one coordinated day of treatment will cover ALL costs for the procedure, including important follow-up care to make adjustments and address any concerns that may arise after placement. This is a key element of our comprehensive and personalized restorative service that sets us apart from other practices and companies offering same-day placement of a fixed denture.

What types of sedation are offered?

Dr. Engelberg works with a surgical partner who can provide both conscious sedation which includes “laughing gas” and IV sedation monitored by a trained and licensed professional. Your comfort and confidence throughout the process is an important part of our practice.

If you are suffering from poor oral health due to the impact of dental anxiety and fear, Dr. Engelberg offers non-judgemental and compassionate dental care and solutions for tooth loss.

The Fixed Hybrid Denture Process: what to expect.

Typically, the entire process requires 3-4 appointments to complete. The first step is a consultation and exam with Dr. Engelberg to fully evaluate your needs and discuss the appropriate treatment process. If there is compromised bone, periodontal disease or the need to extract teeth these procedures can be coordinated as part of the one -day procedure.

The second visit will include CBCT scans and other digital diagnostics as needed to determine the condition of your gums, jaw and other oral structures. The high-resolution 3-D imagery is used to plan the placement and to create surgical guides that ensure a more accurate and predictable result.

The day of placement will include coordinated care with our surgical partner for the preparation of your smile, surgical placement of implants and the attachment of your temporary fixed denture.

After several months of tissue maturation to allow for any gum and bony changes around the temporary fixed denture, we will take special scans or impressions to create your final fixed-hybrid denture for a long-lasting, comfortable, and stable smile.  This final prosthesis is made to perfection, is stronger, and is esthetically ideal as we are able to adjust every detail to your exact specifications.  The temporary fixed denture is then used as a spare should it be needed in the future.  Both prostheses are included in the fee for the process! 

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