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Exceptional Dentistry

Patient Focused Dental Care in Arlington Heights, IL.

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Dr. Brent Engelberg takes a team approach to help patients improve their oral health and achieve the ideal smile. We incorporate state-of-the-art technology and digital smile design to build tailored dental treatment plans as unique as our patients.

Our Arlington Heights dental care team offers a range of dental services, from routine dental cleanings to porcelain veneers and full dental implants in Arlington Heights, IL.

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Patients benefit from the expertise and experience that Dr. Engelberg offers for their dental health needs and concerns. View our galleries of our real patients' before and afters and see how restorative and cosmetic dentistry in Arlington Heights from AH Smiles changed their smiles and their lives.

Also, be sure to check out our video testimonials for more inspiration.



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Transform Your Smile with AH Smiles in Arlington Heights! Don't settle for a smile that doesn't make you feel confident. Our team of cosmetic dentists is dedicated to enhancing both the function and appearance of your teeth. Discover the difference today! 📲

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Share your smile with those you love! AH Smiles in Arlington Heights, IL provides excellent dental services to enhance your smile. 

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Experience Compassionate Dental Care at AH Smiles! At AH Smiles, we have a team of devoted dental professionals who prioritize your comfort throughout your dental journey. 

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Transform Your Smile with AH Smiles in Arlington Heights! Don't settle for a smile that 
doesn't make you feel confident. Our team of 
cosmetic dentists is dedicated to enhancing both the function and appearance of your teeth. 

Discover the difference today! 📲

#ArlingtonHeights #ArlingtonHeightsDentist #Smile #Cosmetic

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Meet our Arlington Heights, IL, Dental Team

Dr. Engelberg is an AACD dentist in Arlington Heights, IL committed to advanced education and training in all aspects of dentistry. His most popular services include custom porcelain veneers, smile makeovers with cosmetic dentistry, full mouth reconstruction, and dental implants in Arlington Heights, IL. Learn more below about why his dental practice is a top-rated dentistry near you.

Meet Dr. Engelberg Meet our Team Meet Dr. Engelberg

Every Smile Has A Story

Judy’s Testimonial

What we did

Judy is a very kind dental patient from Buffalo, Grove, Illinois who was dissatisfied with her previous cosmetic dental work on her front teeth. Dr. Engelberg works closely with a network of dental specialists, and in this case a periodontist (gum specialist) was utilized to work as a team to complete this cosmetic case for Judy. Initially, the surgeon performed crown lengthening to raise the gumline according to Dr. Engelberg and Judy’s specific requests. This removed much of the gummy smile that Judy had been experiencing, as well as allowed for healthy gums around the new dental work. As you can see, around the previous dental work, the gums were substantially irritated—this is called a violation of “biologic width,” and led to the chronic inflammation around Judy’s front two teeth. Dr. Engelberg then adjusted the bite and prepared and seated five porcelain veneers and three porcelain crowns that blended in seamlessly with Judy’s gumline and look completely natural. Listen to Judy’s video explanation for more information and to see how she feels about the results of her custom smile design!

Trent’s Testimonial

What we did

Trent came from Chicago, Illinois to Dr. Engelberg’s dental office with concerns about his front teeth. Years ago, Trent had sustained trauma to the teeth, and they were restored with veneers. These two front teeth had plagued Trent, however, as they were chipping, cracked, and a small space had appeared between these teeth. Trent desired a resolution to these issues, and wanted a natural look, with conservative dentistry that would last and look fantastic. Attention to detail is a hallmark of Dr. Engelberg, and this is the only way that replacing the front two teeth can be done without creating attention to fact that dentistry is present. The results of simply replacing two porcelain veneers can be seen in these photos, as well as in Trent’s video testimonial.

Maricor’s Testimonial

What we did

Maricor came to Dr. Engelberg from Buffalo Grove, Illinois with concerns about her front teeth. After years of bulky monochromatic bonding on her front teeth and an unappealing dental crown, she wanted to have a cosmetic dentist treat the four front teeth—and Dr. Engelberg did just that. Maricor’s relatives are dentists, however she wanted a cosmetic result on her front teeth, and chose to have her relatives treat her back teeth only, while Dr. Engelberg treated her front teeth for a cosmetic result. The gums were reshaped by Dr. Engelberg using a laser. Next, Dr. Engelberg placed two porcelain crowns and two porcelain veneers, and adjusted Maricor’s bite. The results are beautiful teeth, and this appreciative even posed for her photos with her new baby on the way—congratulations in advance, Maricor!

Matt’s Testimonial

What we did

Matt came to Dr. Engelberg from Arlington Heights, Illinois with a major problem—he was hit with a hockey stick across the face which fractured three of his front teeth. Dr. Engelberg came in on an emergency basis to initiate treatment on two of the severely fractured front teeth, and devised a treatment plan to save the badly fractured lateral incisor (the tooth in the photo that was fractured at the gumline). The treatment was to use orthodontic extrusion to erupt this lateral incisor, and then restore the front teeth with porcelain veneers. This all had to be completed prior to Matt’s first year in college! Although there was anxiety due to the time, Dr. Engelberg and his orthodontist colleague were able to extrude the tooth, perform minor gum surgery, and restore the front teeth with porcelain veneers and crowns in time for Matt’s freshman year in college. It should be noted that while extracting the tooth and placing an implant was a possibility, it was a much more conservative option for Matt to keep his tooth. In addition, given Matt’s age at the time, implants are usually done 1-4 years later, meaning that Matt would have needed a temporary tooth replacement for college. This case is a great example of conservative dentistry that can have a major social impact on a patient—but take Matt’s word for it in this video!

Marion’s Testimonial

What we did

Marion is a flight attendant from Northbrook, Illinois, who travels the world, and says that your smile is the most important feature you can have. Disappointed with her previous level of care, Marion wanted to have her bite corrected and have a highly cosmetic result. Dr. Engelberg was happy to complete the full mouth reconstruction on Marion using laser gum reshaping, porcelain implant crowns, porcelain veneers, and all porcelain crowns. A smile design is hard enough, but Dr. Engelberg demands that the function of the restorations be ideal for longevity—and as you can see in the video, this was achieved to Marion’s approval!

Beth’s Testimonial

What we did

Beth was very aware of the issues with her old dental work–she had bonding one one front tooth and a bulky, opaque metal and porcelain crown on the other front tooth. We designed a smile for Beth using a great dental lab, high quality dental materials, and beautiful all porcelain dental crowns and dental veneers.

Tony’s Testimonial

What we did

Tony came to Dr. Engelberg from Hoffman Estates, Illinois with concerns about his dental health, including his front teeth. Years ago, Tony had sustained trauma to his front teeth, causing weakened teeth that were continuously being repaired and replaced. Eventually, the teeth were bonded together with two unattractive crowns that were splinted to each other. This caused gum irritation for Tony, and was not an optimum long-term solution for his teeth. Dr. Engelberg redesigned the restorations with a renowned ceramist, and you can see the results in both Tony’s video testimonial and before and after photographs. The treatment was laser gum reshaping, professional teeth whitening, two porcelain crowns, and two porcelain veneers. After seeing the results, Tony was very happy, and even years later he receives compliments on his smile.

Mimi’s Testimonial

What we did

Mimi traveled from Deerfield, Illinois to Dr. Engelberg with the desire to replace her old veneers and crowns with updated dentistry that met today’s cosmetic ideals. As you can see in the before photos, the old restorations appeared stained, bulky, chipped, cracked, and were poorly colored. Mimi was very excited to have beautiful porcelain restorations that would stand the test of time and look perfect within the framework of her lips. In addition, it was important to Mimi that she have temporary veneers, and Dr. Engelberg was delighted to oblige, as part of the diagnostic and treatment process for Dr. Engelberg is accurate and esthetic provisional (temporary) veneers. The treatment was ten porcelain crowns and veneers to start on the top teeth, and the results speak for themselves! Please enjoy the photos and Mimi’s video testimonial.

Helen’s Testimonial

What we did

Helen is a young and beautiful woman, but needed to have her front teeth looking better to have peace of mind with her smile, and for longevity where dental bonding previously done was failing. The answer was beautiful porcelain veneers and crowns that look totally natural, function perfectly, and make her teeth and smile perfect!

Danielle’s Testimonial

What we did

Danielle was frustrated with her front teeth for years–chipping, spaces, and rotated teeth were something that she dealt with for a long time. Many years ago, Danielle was going to have porcelain dental veneers done, but didn’t feel comfortable having “anyone” do it…so she sought out cosmetic and restorative dentist Brent Engelberg through a mutual friend, and now has a smile she is very proud of–and that looks completely natural and white! See more cosmetic dentistry cases like Danielle’s by Chicagoland dentist Brent Engelberg at or simply call the office at (847) 230-9703 with your questions!

Katelynn’s Testimonial

What we did

Katelynn came to Dr. Engelberg from Buffalo Grove, Illinois with some specific concerns about her smile. Initially, Katelynn was interested in porcelain veneers, but wanted to do this sometime in the future—her immediate plan was to bond the un-esthetic front middle tooth. This tooth, a central incisor, is considered one of the most difficult teeth to match to the surrounding teeth, and Katelynn initially wanted to veneer just this tooth. After discussing her treatment options with Dr. Engelberg, his suggestion was to whiten Katelynn’s teeth, and then directly bond to the tooth in question. While composite bonding is not usually as long lasting as porcelain veneers, with the proper techniques, very esthetic results can be achieved. Dr. Engelberg utilized four different shades of composite resin tooth bonding material to blend the incisor tooth with the rest of her front teeth—click on the video to hear Katelynn’s thoughts about the results!

Claudia’s Testimonial

What we did

Claudia came to Dr. Engelberg from Elk Grove, Illinois to treat her upper teeth. After years of dentistry that she was unsatisfied with for functional, cosmetic, and quality reasons, she wanted options for restorative dentistry. Dr. Engelberg advised laser gum reshaping, seven porcelain crowns, one bonded post and core (in a root canal tooth), one three-unit porcelain bridge, as well as a bruxism appliance. The bridge was after discussion of a dental implant was stalled due to Claudia’s preferences as well as the limited bone in the missing tooth area. Dr. Engelberg and his ceramist designed the bridge to blend into the gum tissue so that it looks completely natural—can you tell which tooth is missing? In addition, the bruxism appliance would be used to protect the bridge and Claudia’s restored and natural teeth from nighttime grinding. As you can see, the results were fantastic in this complex case, and Claudia is very pleased with the result!

Adam’s Testimonial

What we did

Adam came to see Dr. Engelberg from Northbrook, Illinois to esthetically treat his tooth decay that progressed throughout his orthodontic treatment. A children’s dentist referred this patient for comprehensive dental care. Treatment goals were to improve Adam’s bite at the same time as restoring the decayed teeth. Dr. Engelberg utilized a soft tissue laser to even out the gum line areas, and placed eight porcelain veneers on Adam’s front teeth. Thorough hygiene instructions were given to ensure that the treatment and resulting restorations would stand the test of time. After the treatment appropriate tooth display, healthy teeth and gums, bite correction and a satisfied patient are the result.

Jessica’s Testimonial

What we did

Jessica came to cosmetic and restorative dentist Brent Engelberg, after many consultations about her front teeth–she had spaces and old veneers on two of her front teeth that needed to be replaced. Complex smile design takes into account many things–gummy smiles, spaces, teeth position, teeth contours, shade, and making the end result perfect. Take a look at this beautiful smile that was accomplished for Jessica due to smile design by Arlington Heights cosmetic dentist, Brent Engelberg.

Kristina’s Testimonial

What we did

Kristina came to Dr. Engelberg from Buffalo Grove, Illinois after an accident involving a laptop computer chipped one of her front teeth. This happened to be at a time where she was considering porcelain veneers to make her teeth more feminine and cover another front tooth that was darker in color. Kristina first received professional tooth whitening from Dr. Engelberg’s office, followed by laser gum contouring to idealize the proportions of the veneers. Finally, six porcelain veneers were placed on Kristina’s front teeth, and her lower teeth were reshaped to setup a great bite for this fun patient.

Christine’s Testimonial

What we did

Christine was frustrated with teeth that were spaced, looked too dark, were constantly chipping, and even with her crowns (caps) that were also breaking on her! Something had to be done, and when her boyfriend had his restorative dentistry completed by Dr. Engelberg, Christine knew that she had found her new “dental home.” All of the restorations are cosmetic in nature, including porcelain veneers and crowns, and Christine’s bite is now perfect!

Jamie’s Testimonial

What we did

Jaime went from stained teeth that were not in proportion to a beautiful smile that she has been proud of for years. The porcelain veneers were completed in just two appointments by Brent Engelberg, DDS, in Arlington Heights, Illinois (just outside Chicago). Look at Jaime’s beautiful smile!

Kathi’s Testimonial

What we did

Kathi had old dental bonding on her front teeth, and did not like the bulkiness of it, the position of her teeth, and the opaque look of the bonding. With bright, vibrant porcelain veneers, Dr. Engelberg was able to correct these issues on her upper front teeth. Kathi was so delighted with the results of the cosmetic dentisty, she elected to do the same thing on her lower front teeth as well! All of the veneers match perfectly, and Kathi’s teeth are now aligned just where she would like them!

Judy G’s Testimonial

What we did

Judy came to Dr. Engelberg from Long Grove, Illinois for cosmetic dentistry after breaking her front tooth. This was a cosmetic emergency, as Judy is in the public eye each day as a successful real estate agent in the Chicago suburbs. Judy called Dr. Engelberg very worried about the fractured tooth, as she wanted a great result, but did not want to wait with the broken front tooth showing–therefore the treatment was started immediately. The treatment consisted of a combination of light laser gum contouring, two porcelain veneers, and a bite adjustment (equilibration) in order to protect the front teeth from falling victim to additional fractures in the future. Her front teeth are now restored and looking natural–much to Judy’s delight! Much like her clients who trust Judy with their homes, Judy’s reaction to the appearance of her teeth was, “sold!” First examine the photographs of this great cosmetic result, and then hear what Judy thinks of her completed restored smile!

Ying’s Testimonial

What we did

Ying dealt with years of poor dentistry from an esthetic standpoint–notice that the old dental bonding on her front teeth was stained and her teeth looked totally out of proportion–together we did a smile design, and replaced her old bonding with porcelain veneers and all porcelain crowns to make her smile ideal.

Darina’s Testimonial

What we did

Darina wanted Lava/Zirconia Crowns on her teeth for strength and esthetics. She is interested in only very specific materials used on her teeth that she feels are more natural than others–this is her choice and we were happy to help her achieve what she wanted with a smile that she can be very proud of by Brent Engelberg, DDS

Sandra’s Email

What we did

Sandra fell down and broke her front teeth, chipping old veneers that she had previously done! This was a very difficult case because of the amount of tooth structure remaining after she fell– but the case looks beautiful, and Sandra has a smile she can be proud of. Using E-max veneers by a master ceramist can make most smiles designed by Dr. Brent Engelberg look fantastic

Bruce’s Testimonial

What we did

Bruce had been seeing a dentist for years that did not know how to proceed to help him keep the rest of his teeth. After losing 2 additional teeth, Bruce felt that there was no way to avoid dentures–but then he was referred to Dr. Brent Engelberg in Arlington Heights, Illinois, and his life changed! After working with Dr. Engelberg’s newtork of dental specialists, porcelain veneers and crowns were placed, implants were restored, and Bruce can smile for a lifetime!

Carol’s Testimonial

What we did

Carol was a nervous dental patient who needed to have only 2 front teeth done– this is really difficult to do in order to have all of the teeth match! Can you tell which teeth are natural, and which ones are all porcelain crowns? Dr. Brent Engelberg can deliver beautiful cosmetic dentistry, even to the most complex esthetic dental cases.

Laurie’s Testimonial

What we did

Laurie had lost several teeth over the years, and many of the older crowns (caps) that he had were in need of replacement. When additional teeth needed to be restored, he chose to have dental implants placed and his crowns, bridges, and smile design completed together for a cosmetic result. He could not be happier with his terrific new smile!

Erika’s Testimonial

What we did

Erika has a great smile, but had cavities on her front teeth and grinds her teeth. We had to remove the tooth decay yet keep the same, beautiful smile that she was blessed to already have! We were able to achieve this as well as make her a nightguard to protect her teeth at night while she is sleeping.

Aura’s Testimonial

What we did

Aura had been a patient in Dr. Engelberg’s Arlington Heights, Illinois dental office for years when she opted to restore her damaged teeth with definitive porcelain restorations. As you can see, her front teeth contained failing and leaking bonding material as well as other types of dental work. Dr. Engelberg’s photography enabled Aura to help fulfill and exceed her treatment requests for long-lasting dentistry with the addition of a cosmetic dentistry component. A combination of seven porcelain crowns and one porcelain veneer restorations were placed on Aura’s upper teeth, and the lower teeth were reshaped to allow for great function. Aura is delighted with the results as you can see in her video testimonial!

Kim’s Testimonial

What we did

Kim's bite was off, and she had concerns that her teeth were in danger of falling out. With Dr. Engelberg's help, a treatment plan was developed. Kim started with braces, and then implants to replace damaged teeth. Kim felt comfortable and informed during her treatments. She is thrilled with her smile!

Peter’s Testimonial

What we did

Peter had been too many dentists over the years who performed good dentistry, but it was time to correct his bite completely and to stop his teeth from hurting! Peter also deserved to have cosmetic dentistry that looks great and helps him feel like his mouth was stable in terms of his bite. Brent Engelberg, DDS was able to provide this cosmetic and function dentistry to Peter!

Joanna’s Testimonial

What we did

Joanna came to Dr. Engelberg from Arlington Heights, Illinois to update her outdated and esthetically unappealing dentistry. After receiving some dentistry in Poland, and additional dentistry in the United States, Joanna’s front teeth did not match her beautiful look, and she wanted to improve her look with cosmetic dentistry. To make her dental visits more comfortable, Dr. Engelberg is able to speak some Polish (to a very small degree), and his dental assistants are Polish as well. Dr. Engelberg used a laser to reshape her gum tissue, and placed a combination of nine porcelain crowns and two porcelain veneers. In addition, the bite was adjusted (equilibrated) so that the function was more ideal. As you can see, the advanced ceramic restorations Dr. Engelberg was able to create for Joanna really complete her look—and she is an avid skier!

Lori’s Testimonial

What we did

Lori had many front teeth that had chips in them. We had to design a smile for her that would look natural, restore her chipped teeth, and strengthen her teeth so that they last for a long time while looking beautiful!

Mariola’s Testimonial

What we did

Mariola came to cosmetic dentist Dr. Engelberg from Schaumburg, Illinois, for an upper arch rehabilitation. Mariola presented with bulky dental bonding, a gummy smile, leaking dental restorations, tooth decay, and missing teeth. Dr. Engelberg is an expert in comprehensive care, even in complex instances—such as this case. Dr. Engelberg and Mariola agreed to initially treat the upper arch with a plan of provisional restorations (temporary crowns and veneers) so dental implants could easily be placed. In addition, gum surgery was performed to lengthen the teeth by lifting the gums with a procedure known as periodontal plastic surgery(crown lengthething). Once the proper time for the pre-prosthetic procedures to settle in was complete, Dr. Engelberg placed the final dental restorations, all of which were cosmetic and natural in appearance: porcelain veneers, porcelain bridges, and porcelain implant crowns. Note how different the before and after photos are for this lovely patient—something that can only happen with the proper planning and attention to detail of a dentist like Dr. Engelberg.

Suzanne’s Testimonial

What we did

Suzane appreciates the time and effort that high quality dentistry performed by a courteous and caring staff can provide. While the cosmetic dentisty (porcelain veneers on her front teeth and all porcelain crowns on her back teeth) looks beautiful, the steps that Brent A. Engelberg, D.D.S., along with his staff, take to ensure patient comfort and happiness are most important to Suzane.

Jim’s Testimonial

What we did

Jim had an old crown on one of his front teeth that did not match and was not in alignment with his other teeth. We decided that it was time to replace this tooth with a totally natural looking all porcelain crown that would be invisible to others.

Michelle’s Testimonial

What we did

Michelle came from Buffalo Grove, Illinois to discuss her front teeth after having a friend recommend Dr. Engelberg’s dental work after having received porcelain veneers herself. The issues Michelle presented with were complex, as the front two teeth had been treated with root canals and large metal posts in the roots which caused the teeth to become dark black. In addition, the crowns on these teeth were made in such a way that they looked opaque and unrealistic, yet still did not fully mask the dark color of the underlying tooth. Finally, gum recession had plagued Michelle, and the smile was just not even—Michelle wanted to have complete treatment, which consisted of laser gum reshaping, six porcelain veneers, two tooth-colored posts (replacing the metal posts), and two porcelain crowns. Michelle is very excited about the results as you can see in this video—and her shoe collection makes her smile even more now!

Emily S.

"Drs. Engelberg and Mularkey are a fantastic duo. As a fellow dental professional I have the pleasure of working with them and seeing their fine dentistry. I can honestly say that they are of the highest caliber dentists and genuinely care about their patients. You can feel confident in choosing their practice."

Les M.

"Hi! I'm Les' wife, Eydie, using his FaceBook page. Well, where do I begin? I've been with this dental group for almost 35 years and when Dr. Engelberg took over the practice, we remained. My words can only help you make a decision to have your dental care here, but you truly need to experience this for yourself. I promise you, you won't go anywhere else! Dr. Engelberg takes a personal interest in my dental health and has always fit me in for emergencies. He's friendly, professional and caring. Most of all, he's a darn good dentist! I've been fortunate enough to have Margaret as my hygeniest, a great technician who cares about the quality of her work. We go...

Jim L.

"I have never had a bad expeience, have been a very satisfied patient."

Timothy M.

"Dr. Engelberg rocks! I use to hate the dentist; lots of anxiety and a borderline phobia of getting my mouth looked at every 6 months. But since coming to Dr. Engelberg's office in Arlington Heights, I have had the absolute BEST experience I've ever had with a dentist. The office is very clean, friendly front desk people and staff. Whether or not you just need a place to call home for those every 6-month routine cleanings for you and your family, or you want to do some cosmetic restoration on your smile, there is only one place to call."

Larry P.

"My dentist for 25 to 30 years was Dr. William Uhler. Bill eventually retired and sold his practice to Dr. Engelberg. Initially, I thought, " What the heck am I going to do if I have a tooth ache; if all my crowns, bridges and implants decide to retire with Dr. Uhler"? Well folks, enter Brent A. Engelberg, D.D.S.. My teeth and gums have a new friend, a super-pro who knows exactly what he is doing. His procedural technique is always accompanied by calming explanation. Indeed, this fits with his personality: caring, tolerant, perceptive and really empathetic. DR. Brent's staff, well, their marvelous too! Thank you, Dr. larry j. Powitz"

Matt G.

"I have ONLY gone to this dentist my entire life (before Engelberg was Uhler). Dr. Engelberg is a great dentist and even better guy! I will be a patient for life because not only are the dentist great, but my dental hygenist Pam is THE best! See ya in FEB!"

Roberta Z.

"I have been going to Dr. Engelberg since Dr. Uhler retired. I have only had positive experiences with him and have found his work and care to be of highest quality. My questions are always answered and I feel very safe and comfortable during all my visits. I find him to be very up to date with the latest in dentistry and knowledgable regarding new techniques and devices that would help my teeth. He is easy to talk to and I enjoy speaking with him."

Erica S.

"Everyone is super friendly and the chairs even have massages in them! Truly a one of a kind dentist office, always have a very nice experience."

Thomas M.

"Dear Brent, As a busy home inspector it is sometimes difficult to find the time to maintain my oral hygiene. The flexible hours and electronic follow-up your office provides makes it much easier for me to schedule and keep appointments without having to worry about losing an inspection. After a recent visit, I received an e-mail notice the other day to complete a survey regarding my experience. Instead of filling out the survey, I thought it would be more beneficial to let you know that my visit on December 11 was quite pleasant. Laura did a great job of making me feel relaxed as she turned on the chair back massager. My blood pressure is usually 150/90 when I walk...

Beth C.

"I have been coming to this practice for over 20 years. Whenever you walk through the doors you are greeted by a smile behind the desk. I have a special bond with Pam one of the hygienist who is always so caring and goes over the top to get me sceduled in with her. She even goes out of her way if I've cancelled an appointment she will call me personally to rescedule. She only wants what is best for my teeth. The atmosphere is like a spa like feeling. You almost forget you are at the "dentist" when you are all done with your cleaning and you get handed a warm towel."

Mark W.

"I was in for my 6 month cleaning with Laura. I am always appreciative of her professionalism and thoroughness. When I leave, I know that everyone in the office has my best interests in mind. From Dr. Engelberg to the hygienists to the office staff, they all work diligently to make the dental experience an exceptional one. I would not hesitate to recommend this practice."

Ellie S.

"Dr. E is the absolute best! His professionalism and bedside manner makes me want to come to dentist! I've always been terrified! The entire office is spectacular- clean, comfortable, friendly! His assistants (especially Gosia) are so gentle, kind, funny and do an amazing job.whole family comes here and you should too!"

Sean C.

"The entire team makes going to the dentist as enjoyable as possible. This is by far the best dental practice I have ever been to, and Dr. Engelberg is big reason. He is highly personable, takes time to listen to figure out what the dental problems may be, and recommends the fix that is in the best interest of his patients. Dr. Engelberg is highly regarded in the dental community in the north shore, and receives glowing accolades from any other dental professionals he has needed to refer me to, such as an oral surgeon and endodontist."

Km H.

"This office truly cares about patients. I hate the dentist. So much so I make my husband come to help calm me down. This office is great with patients like me. They truly understand how difficult it can be for patients and will help to make you feel at ease. I will not go anywhere else. This office is no longer close to our new home but I will drive to come here. I have tried may offices that say they understand how I feel. Dr. Engelberg truly cares about his patients and understand how stressful it can be for people like me. I recommend this office to anyone who asks for a recommendation."

Kate F.

"Best dental office ever! This is a great dental practice, Dr. Engelberg is awesome, his hygienists are wonderful and his office staff is warm and inviting. I actually look forward to seeing everyone when I go in for an appointment. Dr. Engelberg is extremely knowledgeable and always thoroughly explains procedures before and during the time the work is being done. He's the best dentist I've ever had! My whole family goes to him and absolutely loves him!"

Dan F.

"If your're looking for a dentist, you can stop right here. I've been with this practice for 25+ years which is a great testament to the quality of their service. Every time I have my checkup, they are always kind and courteous. Pam does a great job on cleanings and is wonderful to work with. Engelberg is outstanding and very knowledgeable on current dental trends; he also as a vast array of great jokes! If they recommend getting a bite guard for protection against teeth grinding, do it. I don't know what my teeth would look like without it. THANK YOU!!"

Mary C.

"Had some dental work done with Dr. Engelberg and he was excellent. His staff was very friendly and knowledgable. I would highly recommend them."

Annie H.

"Dr. Engelberg is a step above the rest. I went in on a referral due to a veneer emergency. Dr. Engelberg was a complete perfectionist and painlessly fixed my tooth, it looks perfect! I highly recommend Dr. Engelberg and this practice. I have had this tooth worked on in the past, and it was far from painless. Dr. Engelberg told me he would make sure I was as comfortable as possible while he worked, and that was no joke. I did not feel a thing. He walked me through every step of the process, clearly explaining what he was doing, and why. He was meticulous with his work and made me feel comfortable throughout the process. I will be back,...

Tim’s Testimonial

What we did

Tim came to Dr. Engelberg from Palatine, Illinois for cosmetic dentistry. Frustrated by heavily stained bonding and some tooth decay, Tim elected (through his wife) to seek out a top cosmetic dentist in the Chicago suburbs. Dr. Engelberg met with Tim and established a plan for dental health, including the cosmetic treatment of seven porcelain veneers, four porcelain crowns, and a bite adjustment to help the veneers stand the test of time. As you can see in the before and after photo comparisons, this is truly a smile design case, and Tim is ecstatic! Enjoy the photos and video of this case, and see how cosmetic dentistry by Dr. Engelberg has changed Tim’s personal and professional life!

Brian’s Testimonial

What we did

After viewing the website and the before and after photos present, Brian came to see Dr. Engelberg from Deer Park, Illinois. Initially, Dr. Engelberg wanted Brian to undergo orthodontic treatment (dental braces) prior to cosmetic dentistry, but Brian insisted on another option for a variety of reasons, and selected a treatment option involving veneers and crowns on his front teeth. Brian and Dr. Engelberg designed a treatment plan consisting of laser gum reshaping, teeth whitening, and a combination of porcelain veneers and porcelain crowns. In addition, the bite was equilibrated (adjusted) for functional reasons with the new restorations in place. As you can see, this very difficult case was beautifully restored to Brian’s satisfaction!

Cynthia’s Testimonial

What we did

Cynthia had old, worn, and dated dentistry, but is a beautiful woman! She saw before and after cases done by Buffalo Grove cosmetic dentist Brent Engelberg and decided that her veneers and porcelain dental crowns should be done by a dentist who could accomplish her goals. The results are amazing, and Cynthia now looks even more beautiful thanks to her cosmetic dentistry!

Darlene’s Testimonial

What we did

Darlene’s Upper Arch of teeth was in need of a complete dental rehabilitation, and through cosmetic and restorative dentistry, dental implants, and phasing of dental treatment, we were able to restore the upper arch first, with the lower arch to follow in 2011. Darlene had a lot of tooth decay that we were able to stop with preventitive dentistry as well, and the dental restorations will look beautiful and hold up for a long time.

Kathy’s Testimonial

What we did

Kathy came to Dr. Engelberg from Hoffman Estates, Illinois for cosmetic dentistry. After years of struggling with random dental procedures that were not high quality nor cosmetic in nature, she aspired to have a beautiful smile that matched her very attractive face. Kathy met with Dr. Engelberg and the treatment consisted of a combination of laser gum contouring and reshaping, eight porcelain veneers, 5 porcelain crowns, and a bite adjustment (equilibration) in order to establish functional longevity to the esthetic restorations. Her new teeth are a hit (on the golf course too)! First examine the photographs of this great cosmetic result, and then hear what Kathy thinks of her new smile!

Lisa’s Testimonial

What we did

Lisa was a patient in Dr. Engelberg’s dental practice who struggled with worn and chipping anterior teeth. After years of bonding and bite adjustments did not please Lisa’s cosmetic and functional desires, this Arlington Heights, Illinois patient elected to have Dr. Engelberg place veneers. Lisa had professional teeth whitening, laser gum re-contouring, and eight porcelain veneers placed. In this case, Lisa initially had a slightly gummy smile, and this was very much corrected with the laser gum treatment by Dr. Engelberg. This case was so successful, that the manufacturer of the porcelain system that was used by Dr. Engelberg and his ceramist, Brad Jones, used Lisa’s photos in a national advertising campaign for their IPS e.max system (Ivoclar)! In addition, Lisa was married shortly after this procedure was completed, and the veneers very much enhanced the wedding photos of this beautiful young woman.

Krissy’s Testimonial

What we did

Krissy, who came to Dr. Engelberg from Libertyville, Illinois for cosmetic dentistry, was concerned with the failing dental bonding material on her front tooth, the shade of her teeth, and the overall wear she had experienced on her front teeth. The solution that Dr. Engelberg provided for Krissy (as a participant in one of Dr. Engelberg’s cosmetic dentistry courses that he teaches) was to whiten her teeth, make minor bite adjustments, and to place porcelain veneers and a porcelain onlay. Soon after, this mother of five was able to share a smile with her youngest child once the beautiful dentistry was completed. When a patient grinds their teeth, even in a younger patient we can see this level of wear on the front teeth; however after the porcelain veneers were placed, the worn tooth structure was replaced with a brighter, natural, younger looking smile!

Mark’s Testimonial

What we did

Mark came to Dr. Engelberg’s cosmetic dental practice from Palatine, Illinois, after several consultations with other cosmetic dentists. Mark is a very detailed individual who knew what he wanted, and understood that if his natural teeth had been worn down by parafunction (bruxism or grinding) over the years, that improperly designed dental work would also quickly fail. This is an example of a cosmetic and functional full mouth rehabilitation by Dr. Engelberg using state of the art diagnostic and restorative equipment and materials. It is imperative that a dentist understands function in this type of case, even before the cosmetic considerations are accounted for. If you look at Mark’s teeth before and after treatment, you will see that the worn tooth structure has been replaced, and the function of the bite has been restored. A very natural yet cosmetic result is achieved by Dr. Engelberg and his ceramist, Brad Jones, in this complex case. Please enjoy the video testimonial

Kim’s Testimonial

What we did

Kim was in need of a lot of dental work after struggling with tooth decay, old bonding, failing fillings, and crowns and implants that needed to be completed as well. Together, Kim and Dr. Engelberg developed a way to complete all of her upper teeth together with beautiful porcelain veneers and crowns that look totally natural, are very strong, and will last for years to come!

Linda D.

"This is a great office. From the moment you walk in the door into the spa-like atmosphere, you are welcomed like family. Just had a crown done by Dr. Mullarkey, which was one of the best dental experiences I have ever had. She took her time, was very patient, and virtually painless. Pam is my favorite hygienist!! Love the warm lavender towels at the end of the appointments. If you are looking for a new dentist, I highly recommend this practice!!"

Janet’s Testimonial

What we did

Janet is among the most complex dental cases that can be treated in all of dentistry, let alone cosmetic dentistry. The gums needed to be in another position, she grinds her teeth, and her teeth and bite needed to be completely corrected. We were able to treat this case to perfection–and you can see that her teeth look beautiful today after treatment with Dr. Brent Engelberg, D.D.S.

Darina’s Testimonial

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"A quote from the patient about everything she loves goes here."

Danielle’s Testimonial

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"A quote from the video will go here. Something the patient says that is nice about the doctor and practice and the services they received."

Glenn C.

"I have always mistrusted Dentist's in the past from some bad experiences. This office is the best ever. Words cannot describe how good it is. You just have to try it. Dr. Engelberg and staff will never try to "upsell" if you don't need it. I have told my friends to go, and if they aren't satisfied, I would pay for their appointment. That's how confident I am about this practice."

Patrick H.

"Dr. Engelberg and his staff are always on top of their game. Highly recommended practice for your dental needs."

Tim E.

"I use to hate going to the dentist. But my experience with Dr. Brent Engelberg and his staff has changed my perception of going to the dentist. They are excellent at what they do and his office has a very calming atmosphere. I would highly recommend Dr. Engelberg to anyone looking for a new dentist in the Chicago area."

Alyssa M.

"I have always had a great experience when going here. The front desk is always friendly and helpful with any questions I've had regarding my payments/insurance. Pam is the hygienist I always go to and she does an amazing job. I always leave a happy customer."

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Our Arlington Heights, IL, Dentist Office

Dr. Engelberg can address dental problems affecting the health and appearance of your smile. As a restorative and cosmetic dentist in Arlington Heights, he specializes in treating the most severe dental issues affecting his patients. Dr. Engelberg can replace missing teeth with dental implants, address gum disease with modern treatments, and help relieve sleep apnea.

Discover treatment options suited to your unique oral health needs and aesthetic goals during a consultation with Dr. Engelberg. A healthy, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing smile will support your best quality of life. It is never too late to achieve your dental health goals and enjoy the benefits of a beautiful and radiant smile.

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Patient Testimonials

00:33 29 Sep 22
Review for AH Smiles: Brent A Engelberg, DDS, PCBest dentist visit in my 60 year life. Brent is extremely knowledgeable, and personable. He explains the hows and why’s like no other dentist I’ve seen. His staff is very courteous and knowledgeable also. Pam my hygienist was great and she explained stuff I never knew.
Marie SamuelsMarie Samuels
14:54 23 Aug 22
DDS, PCI was scared beyond belief, I had never had any type of dental retention service other than filling before. I guess I was old school in the belief that if it hurt just remove it. Ridiculous right? Well that was what I knew. I’m at the point of take it out and my next option is to get implant or dentures, that is not an option for me. The last tooth on the lower left side of my mouth is severely compromised, Dr Engleberg say he can save it with a crown, however this is all new to me and I’m really scared. I hear crown or root canal and with those words I hear pain. Dr Engleberg assures me that I will feel nothing. I’m thinking right, sure, you are not the one that is going to be sitting there being injected and drilled. Those two words equal pain. However I showed up after attempts of delaying for various reasons. I was looking for any reason to cancel. I get to the office, was greeted warmly, but I had an attitude because I needed a reason to leave. No one would give me one, right. Dr Engleberg’s assistant came and got me, again really friendly. She put some sort of numbing agent on the places they would be working on and that was the worst of the whole procedure, because that’s all I felt for the whole procedure of getting a filling oh my upper left molar or I guess that’s my wisdom tooth and a crown on the one immediately below that on the lower jaw. The man is incredible, he told me what he was doing every step of the way, even though I could not feel anything. People if you are a scaredy cat like me go see Dr Engleberg, he will cure you of whatever phobia you have about dentist or dental procedure. I wish I had met him before I let all those other dentist remove my tooth without explaining the damage I was allowing to be done to me. Dr Engleberg you are a rockstar.
Mark WekslerMark Weksler
20:12 22 Aug 22
I was in for my 6 month cleaning with Samantha. I am always appreciative of her professionalism and thoroughness. When I leave, I know that everyone in the office has my best interests in mind. From Dr. Engelberg to the hygienists to the office staff, they all work diligently to make the dental experience an exceptional one. I would not hesitate to recommend this practice. They are THE BEST!
Kate RotherKate Rother
14:48 15 Apr 22
I had an OUTSTANDING experience at AH Smiles! They were kind to me from the second I walked in the door and full disclosure I hate going to the dentist. (I had a terrible experience as a kid and will never forget it.) Everyone at the front desk was nice, the nurses and dental hygienists were thoughtful, gentle and explained everything. Dr Engelberg was super thorough and spent a lot of time with me and answered all of my questions. He did not make me feel silly and even checked up on me knowing that I was a nervous patient. I left the office with a big smile:)!
Brianna CarsonBrianna Carson
07:26 23 Feb 22
The front desk staff were welcoming the moment I stepped foot through the door, lets start there. The office is very clean & the atmosphere is refreshing. I did not have a long wait time, in which I absolutely love! Roxana, the dental assistant, is someone every dental office should have on their team! Her chair side manner, professional demeanor, strong communication skills, & awesome listening skills are unmatched. She is a very pleasant person that is compassionate about helping others & I really enjoyed talking with her about dentistry, life, & future goals - as a dental assistant myself, this is really a breath of fresh air! Dr. Engelberg is an awesome dentist. His chair side manner is immaculate! He listened to all of my concerns, gave me his honest opinions, & positive feedbacks. His interpersonal skills, attention to details, & transparency are one of none. I really enjoyed his jokes & how he made my exam a fun conversation! I felt super comfortable & hope that more people get to experience a passionate dentist like Dr. Engelberg! Samantha, the dental hygienist, is very outgoing & has such a fun, energetic personality! I loved talking with her about our travel experiences, all things dental, & just overall getting to know each other. She is a great hygienist, she talks you through the cleaning process, & educates you on how to properly brush & floss - which means you should be able to keep all of your teeth if you follow suit HAHA! We talked through the whole cleaning, I mean - who does that?? A fantastic dental hygienist & a comfortable patient! All in all, I have no complaints whatsoever. I look forward to seeing everyone again, chatting it up, & smiling! Thank you for the best experience.

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