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Patient comfort is an important factor in all dentistry performed by Dr. Engelberg at Arlington Heights Smiles. Whether you are receiving a dental filling or a root canal, our goal is to ensure that your procedure is as pain free as possible. We utilize some of the leading technology for pain free dentistry so that you can relax from the moment you sit in the dentist’s chair until you leave our office with a clean, healthy smile.

Overcoming Dental Anxiety

Avoiding the dentist due to fear and anxiety often leads to complex dental problems that detrimentally affect your quality of life. Dr. Engelberg works patiently with patients who have been away from the dentist and need to restore their smile. He takes the time to educate them on all aspects of their treatment and improving their experience with pain-free procedures.

There are three key components to a pain-free experience at Arlington Heights Smiles:

  • Topical Anesthetic Gel: first, a smooth topical anesthetic gel is applied to the area to be treated and gently massaged into the tissue, beginning the numbing process.
  • DentalVibe®: the second step is to apply a hand held device called a DentalVibe®, which vibrates the numbed area at a specific frequency which will prevent the stimulation of local pain receptors.
  • The Wand® & STA® & CompuDent®: the final step is the pain free injection of computer-assisted anesthetic using The Wand®. This computerized anesthetic delivery system provides a steady, consistent drip of anesthetic for a comfortable, pain-free dental procedure.

In addition to the above technology, Drs. Engelberg offers sedation dentistry for patients needing or desiring to be completely relaxed during their dental procedure.

Dental Anxiety FAQs

How common is dental anxiety?

Dental Anxiety is very common among all age groups and peoples. Studies show that 75% of people in America feel emotions of fear and anxiety before going to the dentist. 5-10% of that group consider their fear so strong they consider it a phobia. You are not alone if you are feeling anxious before your dentist appointment. Most of dentist patients feel the same way, so dentists deal with these feelings often.

What causes dental anxiety?

Most people develop a fear of the dentist based on a past experience. Dental anxiety is so common it has become a widespread, and popular idea that the dentist is a scary place. Some people experience anxiety surrounding the idea of the dentist because they have a fear of needles, or injections. Some people feel uncomfortable and claustrophobic being surrounded with hands in their mouth and people staring at their face.

How can I cope with dental anxiety? 

When struggling with dental anxiety, it is important to remember that more than half of dental patients also struggle with this as well. If you communicate with your dentist about your anxiety, they have a variety of ways to ease any concerns. They can use a stronger numbing agent, be gentler for your procedure, and even sedate you for serious procedures.

What are the signs and symptoms of dental anxiety? 

Dental anxiety can be shown in a variety of ways. Feeling physically ill when thinking about going to the dentist, insomnia the night before going to the dentist, struggling to breathe while undergoing dental treatment, nausea, and nervous feelings before visiting the dentist are all signs you may be experiencing dental anxiety.

Who is affected by dental anxiety?

Patients of all ages can experience dental anxiety. While children often have dental anxiety because they fear pain or loud noises, adult patients can also experience dental anxiety. Adults with anxiety disorders, previous negative dental experiences, or complex dental problems may also have dental anxiety.

Can I get sedation for dental anxiety?

If calming techniques and breathing exercises are not enough, we can provide dental sedation. We may recommend oral sedatives when needed to help with dental anxiety. Along with enhanced anesthetic measures, these medications allow patients to feel relaxed during treatment while remaining awake and cooperative. 

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