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Replacing a lost tooth, or teeth, quickly is important for maintaining a healthy, functional smile that enables you to enjoy a good quality of life each day.

Dr. Brent Engelberg is a highly trained and experienced restorative and cosmetic dentists, offering the most advanced treatment options for replacing missing teeth in his Arlington Heights dental practice. Drs. Engelberg works with patients on an individual basis to help them choose the best solution for their unique needs, goals and budget. Replacing missing teeth will restore your dental health- and your confidence!

Missing Teeth Treatment Options

During consultations, Dr. Engelberg will assess your dental health and discuss what goals you are looking to achieve. He will determine the treatment option(s) most suitable for you. Treatment options for replacing your missing teeth can include:

  • Dentures: For patients missing all of their upper or lower arch of teeth, we offer cosmetic dentures for a comfortable fit and a natural looking smile. Dentures can be secured with dental implants for a permanent solution that provides superior patient satisfaction and lasting results.
  • Dental implants: Recommended for a single tooth or to secure a denture, dental implants provide the most natural looking and functioning tooth replacement.
  • Dental bridge: A dental bridge can replace one or several teeth and is secured by a dental implant or natural tooth that is strengthened by a dental crown.

Missing Teeth FAQs

What happens if you don’t replace missing teeth?

If you do not replace missing teeth, your surrounding teeth may shift into the space that is left from the missing tooth. This can cause crooked teeth and decrease jaw function.

Does losing back teeth change your face?

Missing back teeth can change the shape and structure of your face. Missing back teeth is known to cause patients’ faces to sag. It can also change the bone structure of your face, changing your overall appearance.

How long can you go without a tooth implant? 

It is recommended that patients wait at least 10 weeks before having an implant put in after losing or having a tooth extracted. This gives their mouth and gum adequate time to heal.

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