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As your Buffalo Grove, IL area dentist, Dr. Brent Engelberg will take responsibility for your overall oral health. Preventing, diagnosing, and treating various conditions and diseases of the teeth and gums is the most important job they have. Visiting Dr. Engelberg twice a year is crucial to making sure he spots dental problems, such as gum disease, in the early stage, when conservative treatment options can be most effective. Early treatment for such dental problems means will you receive the best oral care possible. Your visits to our Buffalo Grove, IL dentist office will include personalized hygiene tips for each individual patient, tailored to their unique oral health needs. Dr. Engelberg also offers restorative and cosmetic dentistry treatments such as dental implants.

Dr. Engelberg is dedicated to helping you maintain lasting dental health with the advanced techniques, materials and oral hygiene products. Your routine dental visits will include:

  • dental examination
  • professional cleaning
  • periodontal screening
  • oral cancer screening
  • diagnostic x-rays (as needed)

Pain-Free Dentistry

Many patients who visit our Buffalo Grove, IL dentist office have avoided the dentist for years because of dental anxiety and fearing dental treatment will be painful and expensive. Dr. Engelberg is dedicated to making each patient feel as comfortable as possible by spending an extensive amount time with them. Our compassionate staff is highly trained and takes the time to discuss your fears and concerns. Our Buffalo Grove, IL dentist office uses advanced dental technology to deliver a pain-free dental experience. There are three steps our dentists use to ensure this:

Topical Anesthetic Gel: first, a smooth topical anesthetic gel is applied to the area to be treated and gently massaged into the tissue, beginning the numbing process.

DentalVibe®: the second step is to apply a hand held device called a DentalVibe®, which vibrates the numbed area at a specific frequency which will prevent the stimulation of local pain receptors.

The Wand® & STA® & CompuDent®: the final step is the pain free injection of computer assisted anesthetic using The Wand®. This computerized anesthetic delivery system provides a steady, consistent drip of anesthetic for a comfortable, pain free dental procedure.

We offer sedation dentistry that can help patients feel calm and relaxed while receiving the dental health care they need.

Dental Treatments Offered

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