What’s A Dental Restoration Anyway?

What’s A Dental Restoration Anyway?If you have stained teeth, then we offer cosmetic teeth whitening to correct the problem. But what about a damaged tooth? How do you fix a cracked, chipped, or even decayed tooth? We do so using a dental restoration. We offer a variety of different restorations designed to addressed various issues both large and small with the health and function of a tooth.


A filling targets a specific area of decay on a tooth. In the past, dental practices relied on metal. Now, we can use a metal-free composite resin, which looks natural and blends with the tooth. We first remove the decay and clean the tooth. We may also etch the tooth’s surface. We then apply the composite resin to the tooth and cure it with a light. Finally, we polish the tooth for a lifelike appearance.


A crown completely covers the visible portion of a tooth. Using CEREC technology, we can actually create and place one in the same visit. We can use them to treat advanced decay or dental infections, restoring the tooth to full function and health. They can also be used to reshape malformed teeth, repair chipped or fractured teeth, and anchor dental bridges in place. We can also place a crown to restore a single tooth dental implant.

Inlays and Onlays

More substantial than a filling, these thin porcelain restorations are used to target specific areas of the tooth, instead of covering them like crowns. An inlay sits between the cusps of the teeth and an onlay fits over the cusps of the teeth. Made from lifelike materials, the restorations blend seamlessly with the smile.

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