What Happens During A General Visit?

How often do you make time for a routine visit? We recommend patients undergo routine checkups and cleanings as part of our approach to general dentistry. What happens during one of these general visits? What can you expect during your checkup and cleaning?

Try Our Quiz on General Visits

  1. True or False: The team looks for signs of decay.
  2. True or False: We can screen for oral cancer.
  3. True or False: We look for signs of gum disease.
  4. True or False: The dentist or hygienist will perform a cleaning.

Answer Key

  1. True. Cavities are a widespread issue impacting people of all ages. During your six month visit, we will examine the teeth looking for any signs of decay. We may use advanced technology to obtain a clear and detailed view of your teeth, including intraoral cameras and digital x-rays. We can then treat the issue in the early stages, often before the patient experiences sensitivity or toothaches.
  2. True. For adults, we will screen for oral cancer. Identifying this disease in the early stages is crucial for making a recovery, so you should always attend your routine checkups.
  3. True. Gum disease impacts half of adults over the age of 35 according to studies from the Centers for Disease Control. With routine visits, we may be able to reverse the problem by catching the issue in the gingivitis stage. If not, we can help you manage the disease to prevent the later stages, which can lead to tooth loss.
  4. True. A cleaning is the only way to completely remove plaque and tartar, which protects the smile from cavities and the onset of gum disease.

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