Does My Tooth Need Bonding And Contouring?

Despite being coated in the hardest substance in the human body (tooth enamel) teeth can still chip or break. In other cases, they can be naturally misshapen. We understand how important a beautiful smile can be to a patient. We also understand how valuable a patient’s time can be as well. To that end, we offer cosmetic treatments that can repair a tooth in just a single visit. Does your tooth need bonding and contouring?

The Potential Risks of a Damaged Tooth

When a tooth is damaged, the protective layer of enamel may be compromised. If so, then bacteria can move past the enamel and reach the inner layers of dentin. A more sensitive layer of tooth structure, dentin is vulnerable to decay. Once a cavity forms, treatment is necessary to avoid serous complications, such as an eventual infection or abscess. If you damage a tooth you should see a dentist right away.

Dental Bonding

With bonding, we thoroughly clean the tooth and then gently etch the surface. We then take composite resin, shade the material, and apply in multiple layers. As the layers cure under a light, the doctor can sculpt and mold the tooth. Finally, the tooth is polished for a more natural looking appearance. Start to finish, the entire procedure only takes one visit.

Dental Contouring

Instead of applying a composite resin, we actually buff away a small amount of surface structure. Contouring can allow the doctor to remove pits or grooves in the tooth’s surface. We can also dull overly pointed teeth or reshape damaged/natural misshapen ones. As with bonding, the entire visit takes only one visit.

Other One-Visit Restorations

Don’t worry, should your damage prove too substantial for these cosmetic treatments, we can still repair it in one visit. We use CEREC technology, which allows our team to design and create custom-made crowns and veneers and place them in the same visit.

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