Do You Have Questions About Kybella®?

We understand that maintaining a beautiful appearance involves more than just teeth whitening. In fact, we offer a wide range of facial treatments in our office, from Botox to dermal fillers. However, we also have a unique treatment that can address a very specific issue many people struggle with. Do you have questions about Kybella?

Frequently Asked Questions About Kybella®

Question: What facial issues does this treatment address?

Answer: We can use the treatment to address the area under your chin. Fat cells can accumulate in this area, leading to a double chin that for some, no amount of exercise or diet can address. If this area hangs down, or if you have the appearance of a double chin, then give us a call.

Question: How do you administer treatment?

Answer: The treatment will be administered via an injection underneath the chin. The amount of injections needed will vary, but the at the most there will be four over a period of four months. There may initially be some redness around the treatment site, but this will fade quickly.

Question: How long will me results last?

Answer: Unlike Botox, which lasts for around six months, or dermal fillers, which can last between six months and two years, Kybella can actually last a lifetime. The treatment will continue to attack where fat cells accumulate, helping you maintain a youthful appearance.

Question: Do you offer other facial esthetic treatments?

Answer: We do! We currently offer Botox, as well as a full range of dermal fillers. We can use these treatments to remove wrinkles and lines around the eyes and in the forehead. We can fill lines around the nose and mouth, pulp thin lips, and even lift sagging cheeks.

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