The Importance Of Preventive Dental Care

Are you experiencing bleeding gums or a persistent toothache?

General dentist Dr. Brent Engelberg encourages patients to visit his Arlington Heights dental office biannually for preventive care visits. Preventive care visits allow Dr. Engelberg to identify any early signs of complex dental problems that may be developing in your mouth, teeth, and gums. At AHSmiles in Arlington Heights, IL, we offer a full range of general, restorative, and cosmetic dental treatments to help prevent dental problems, improve the aesthetic of your smile, and restore damaged teeth.

Dr. Engelberg works closely with each patient to identify any dental problems and provide an effective treatment to improve the health of their smile. We take the time to educate patients on the proper ways to improve their smile through excellent oral hygiene and regular visits to our Arlington Heights dental office.

Preventive Dental Care in Arlington Heights, IL

We encourage patients to practice a consistent oral hygiene routine at home to minimize their chance of developing serious dental problems and keep their smile healthy. To practice an excellent oral hygiene routine, patients should brush their teeth twice a day, floss, rinse with an antibacterial mouthwash, and chew sugar-free gum between meals. If patients have any questions regarding their oral hygiene routine, patients can feel free to ask during their visit to our office.

As a compassionate, experienced dentist, Dr. Engelberg is committed to providing comprehensive, advanced dental care to help patients achieve a healthy, functional smile. During your preventive care visit, we will perform a comprehensive exam, which includes:

  • dental exam
  • professional teeth cleaning
  • periodontal (gum disease) screening
  • oral cancer screening
  • diagnostic x-rays

Preventive care visits, allow Dr. Engelberg to catch any early signs of complex dental issues and provide the most effective treatment depending on your needs. Our goal is to help patients achieve optimal oral health, and we work with you to help you achieve that goal. If you need schedule a preventive care visit, contact our Arlington Heights, IL dentist office.