Breaking Bad: Oral Habits To Avoid

As the new year approaches, it is time to ditch bad habits that affect the health of your teeth and gums. Bad habits can be hard to break, but understanding how they are impacting your well being could give you the motivation you need to break free from bad oral habits.

Bad habits like skipping the dentist and forgetting to brush can lead to complex oral health concerns. Arlington Heights dentist Dr. Brent Engelberg offers some insight on how a few bad habits impact your oral health.

Never Use Your Teeth For Tools

When you were a kid do you remember your parents saying, “Do not use your teeth to do that!” Turns out, mom or dad may have been right. Using your teeth instead of scissors or a knife can cause damage to your teeth and even hurt your jaw. Teeth are for chewing food only, not for ripping, cutting or opening packages. Instead of using your teeth to open a hard to crack bag of chips or plastic container, locate a sharp tool to help you open that package to avoid cracking, chipping or breakage of your teeth.

Don’t Stress, Relax

Many patients hold a lot of stress and tension in their jaw muscle which can lead to chronic pain or TMJ. Clenching or grinding your jaw can be a reaction to stressful situations. If you experience headaches, jaw pain, or excessive wearing down of your teeth you may be clenching or grinding your jaw. Relax, take a deep breath and release your jaw muscle in times of stress.

Never Skip A Brush or Floss- But Be Gentle

Brushing too vigorously can irritate your gums, and may lead to root exposure over time. Brushing twice a day is essential to your oral health, but take it easy and brush gently. Think of brushing your teeth as a gentle massage of the gums and teeth. Make sure you are brushing with a soft bristled brush to avoid bleeding gums. An AH Smile team member can help show you how to properly brush and answer your questions about what dental treatments are best for your oral health.

Always Visit The Dentist

Be sure to visit the dentist at least twice a years. Skipping dental checkups lead to more advanced dental health concerns. Routine oral health exams keep your teeth and gums healthy and allow for early diagnosis of any developing dental health concerns.

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