Dental Solutions for Chronic Pain

For concerns like broken teeth and tooth decay patients automatically think of calling their dentist. But did you know that your dentist can also treat headaches, loud snoring, and jaw pain? 

There are some lesser known procedures dentists offer that could be the solution for your chronic pain. AH Smiles dentist Dr. Brent Engelberg provides comprehensive dental services including therapies for sleep apnea, TMJ, teeth grinding, and headaches. Seeking help from a dentist for these common concerns could allow for more effective, less invasive treatment- patients are often surprised at the solutions their dentist can offer.

Dental Procedures For Chronic Pain in Arlington Heights IL

Alternative Dental Procedures For Chronic Pain

  • Sleep Apnea Treatment: Do you snore loudly while you sleep? While not a guarantee, loud snorers commonly have obstructive sleep apnea. OSA is a chronic condition where the soft tissues collapse while the patients are sleeping, blocking normal airflow and restricting oxygen. Many patients do not think of their dentist when considering treatment for sleep apnea. However, Dr. Engelberg offers an innovative solution for OSA called oral sleep appliance therapy or a snore guard. Many patients choose the snore guard over the traditional CPAP machine. The snore guard is discreet, less cumbersome, and offers patients the same relief from OSA.
  • TMJ Therapy:  Do you suffer from chronic pain of the face, neck or upper back? If you experience daily pain or soreness in these areas, or show signs of excessive tooth wear or have daily headaches, you may have a condition known as TMJ. TMJ has no one cause or treatment- but addressing the functional concerns of the jaw and bite alignment can often offer patients relief from painful symptoms. A comprehensive oral analysis will allow Dr. Engelberg to determine the cause of the TMJ and help patients choose a dental treatment. AH Smiles offers Botox, oral sleep appliances, and Invisalign– all treatments often effective in addressing jaw pain.
  • Headache Relief: Patients who experience daily headaches, especially occurring in the mornings, may not think about telling their dentist. Patients often go many years without seeking help for habitually occurring headaches and usually find little relief in over the counter pain medications. Be sure to tell Dr. Engelberg about your headaches; you may be grinding or clenching your teeth while you sleep. Teeth grinding can cause damage to your teeth and jaw, and may lead to chronic headaches. A custom-designed oral sleep appliance or Botox treatments could offer relief.
  • Botox: That is right, Dr. Engelberg offers both therapeutic and cosmetic Botox treatments. Therapeutic Botox has shown positive results for reliving patients with chronic headaches and facial pain. Dr. Engelberg is a highly trained and experienced dentist with training in the use of Botox for the relief of headaches.

Relieving Chronic Pain

Do not go on suffering from the untreated chronic pain of the face, neck or head. AH Smiles offers comprehensive and personalized treatment for a range of dental concerns. We provide services to patients in and around Arlington Heights, IL and welcome new patients.