Can Botox be used to treat TMJ?

Botox offers a new way to release facial tension and chronic pain for patients suffering from TMJ.

Botox® is now being used as a part of a comprehensive treatment plan for TMJ and bruxism. Chronic teeth grinding or jaw misalignment can cause tension in the intricate facial muscles. Patients with TMJ experience painful, often debilitating symptoms that are difficult to relieve.

Dr. Brent Engelberg has advanced training in the application of Botox as a therapeutic treatment for TMJ, headaches, and jaw pain. Careful analysis of your bite and overall health will help Dr. Engelberg present treatment options tailored to your unique needs. We strive to address the underlying cause of TMJ to allow for long-term relief. Botox is used as part of your treatment plan to temporarily relieve painful symptoms and to allow the jaw to heal.

Do you suffer from chronic headaches and jaw pain associated with TMJ? Contact AH Smiles for a Botox consultation.

botox treatment for TMJ pain in Arlington Heights IL

How does Botox help TMJ pain?

When used to alleviate muscle pain associated with TMJ, Botox is injected deep into the muscles of the jaw. The Botox solution allows overused or misused facial muscles to relax, alleviation muscle tension as quickly as 20 minutes after treatment. Alleviating muscle tension often helps the jaw muscles to rest and realign and may help to prevent future issues.

Botox is a non-invasive and non-surgical treatment option for TMJ. Many patients struggle with chronic pain caused by TMJ for years. Botox can offer almost instant relief and allows patients to live a headache and pain-free life.