Why You Need A Preventive Care Visit

why you need preventive dental care in Arlington Heights At AH Smiles, we recommend patients visit our Arlington Heights, IL dental office twice a year for a preventive care exam. Preventive dental care is a great way to maintain healthy teeth and gums. During your preventive dental care visit, Dr. Brent Engelberg will perform a full comprehensive exam to determine the condition of your overall oral. With the results from your preventive care exam, Dr. Engelberg can make any recommendation regarding the health, function, and appearance of your teeth.

Your routine dental visits will include:

  • dental examination
  • professional cleaning
  • periodontal screening
  • oral cancer screening
  • diagnostic x-rays (as needed)

If you have not visited the dentist for your preventive care exam visit AH Smiles in Arlington Heights, IL. AH Smiles is a full-service dental facility with state of the art technology. We offer a complete range of general, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry solutions. To schedule an appointment, call 847.230.9703 or schedule an appointment online.

3 Reasons Your Need Preventive Dental Care

  1. Routine screening for complex dental problems: Gum disease is commonly referred to as the “silent disease’ because it doesn’t always present symptoms. Preventive dental care visit allows your dentist to thoroughly examine the teeth and gums to check for any signs of dysfunction. Patients may not notice changes in their oral health. However, a highly skilled dentist can. Your dentist can identify signs of tooth decay, gums disease, and even oral cancer. Preventive dental care is an essential part of achieving optimal oral health.
  2. Professional tooth cleaning: In most cases, we will perform professional teeth cleaning during your preventive care exam. Professional teeth whitening help removes plaque buildup that regular brushing and flossing cannot reach. When plaque buildup is not properly removed, it may lead to tooth decay or gum disease.
  3. Every patient can benefit from preventive dental care: Your oral health can affect your overall health. Studies have shown that there is a link between gum disease and systemic health concerns like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and arthritis. Maintaining a healthy smile not only improves your oral health but your overall health, too. Preventive dental care can help you make more informed decisions regarding your oral health.