What to Expect From a Root Canal

root canal Arlington Heights dentistMany people who have never undergone a root canal treatment before assume that this procedure will be painful and a cause for anxiety. However, this is a misconception. In fact, most patients find that root canals are no more painful than a normal dental filling. Moreover, the root canal procedure is a safe, effective way to relieve tooth pain, preserve a natural tooth and prevent further damage to your smile.

Whether you are experiencing tooth pain or feeling anxiety about an upcoming procedure, Dr. Brent Engelberg will work with you to ensure you feel relaxed and confident in your dental care. They are happy to help you understand all of your treatment options, including root canals. Learning about why you might need this type of treatment and what to expect can help set your mind at ease.

What to Expect From a Root Canal

A root canal is used to treat a tooth that has become infected down to the roots that anchor it in place. Before beginning the procedure, the dentist can use a local anesthetic or one of our sedation dentistry options to help you relax and feel comfortable. The dentist will begin by drilling a tiny hole in the back of your tooth. Then he or she will gently remove the diseased tissue, called pulp, from the inside of the tooth. After that, the tooth is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. The hole is filled with a biocompatible material, then sealed to prevent further infection and provide strength.

Often, Dr. Engelberg will recommend the use of a dental crown that can be customized to match the color of your natural teeth. A crown helps ensure the long-term health of your tooth and provide extra stability. If you feel increased sensitivity in your tooth after a root canal, do not panic; this is a common sensation and should pass within a few days. However, you can talk to Dr. Engelberg about ways to minimize any discomfort caused by sensitivity.

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