Overcoming Dental Anxiety

sedation dentistry and pain free dentistry

Does the thought of going to the dentist fill you with fear? You’re not alone. Some surveys estimate that as much as 75% of adults experience some type of dental fear. People have different reasons for dental anxiety, but unfortunately, the result is often the same: patients avoid their regular checkups until small problems become big ones. To help overcome your anxiety, AH Smiles works to build relationships with our patients. We also offer both pain-free dentistry and sedation dentistry to make your visit as comfortable as possible.

Pain-Free Dentistry

A lot of dental fear can be caused by a painful experience in the past. At AH Smiles, patient comfort is our first priority. Our goal is for your visit to be pain-free. There are three key components to this experience:

  • Topical anesthetic gel
    • The gel will be massaged into the area to be treated in order to start the numbing
  • DentalVibe®
    • The DentalVibe® vibrates the numbed area at a specific frequency that prevents local pain receptors from stimulation
  • The Wand® & STA® & CompuDent®
    • Using The Wand®, a computer-assisted anesthetic will be painlessly injected, and the computer will provide a steady, constant drip throughout your procedure

Sedation Dentistry

For some people, pain may not be a problem. If it’s the idea of going to the dentist that scares you, consider sedation dentistry. This option isn’t for everyone – Drs. Brent Engelberg and Josh Oleari will review your medical history and decide if sedation is safe for you. With sedation dentistry, you can remain relaxed throughout your appointment. We can also do more during a single appointment than is usually possible.

At AH Smiles we use nitrous oxide. You may know it by the name “laughing gas.” This is a good option because it is fast-acting and wears off quickly. The gas is inhaled through a mask and only works when the mask is in place. This means you can drive yourself to and from your appointment. Don’t worry, the gas doesn’t put you to sleep. You will stay conscious and cooperative throughout your treatment.

Schedule an Appointment

If dental anxiety has been keeping you away from dental visits, consider AH Smiles in Arlington Heights, IL. With sedation and our pain-free approach, we do our best to make you comfortable. To schedule an appointment, contact us online or at (847) 230-9703.