Tips for Improved Dental Health

restorative dentistry in arlington heights il, dr. brent engelbergMany patients visit our Arlington Heights, IL dentist office to learn more about how they can improve their overall dental health. Dr. Brent Engelberg, your local dentist in Arlington Heights IL, takes a team approach to help patients improve their oral health and achieve the ideal smile. We incorporate state-of-the-art technology and custom smile design to build tailored treatment plans as unique as our patients. Here are some simple things you can do to improve and maintain your dental health:

Brush & Floss

While this may seem like a simple solution, it is perhaps the most important one. Your at-home oral hygiene routine is your smile’s first line of defense when it comes to avoiding common dental concerns like tooth decay and gum disease. By brushing and flossing at least twice a day, you are reducing the amount of food residue and bacteria left behind on your dental structures. The longer these bacteria are allowed to remain on your dental structures after meals, the more likely they will harden into plaque or tartar and will only be able to be removed by a professional dentist. You can also chew sugar-free gum throughout the day when brushing and flossing isn’t as convenient. This will help a lot in preventing major oral health concerns.

Reconsider Your Diet

What you eat and drink directly impacts your dental health. This is because your teeth, gums, and jawbone are the first things within your body to absorb whatever you are eating and drinking. It’s important to consider your diet’s impact on your dental health. If you eat an excess of sugary or starchy foods, know that there are more likely to stick to your dental structures when you chew and create a breeding ground for gum disease and tooth decay. Additionally, if you drink a lot of tea, soda, or coffee, understand that these beverages contain staining agents, and will likely leave you with a yellowed, or dull smile the more often you drink them. To help our patients incorporate more smile-friendly, dentist-approved snacks into their diets, you can read our previous blog here for snacking suggestions.

Schedule Preventative Dentist Appointments

While there are a lot of things you can do at home to help your dental health, it’s also important to see a professional dentist at least once every six months. This allows your dentist to keep a close eye on your dental health and address any minor issues before they develop into major dental concerns. Dr. Engelberg and our team look forward to meeting with you each time you visit and are excited to be a partner in your overall health care. Please schedule an appointment with our Arlington Heights, IL dentist office online.