Is Botox Right For Me?

Botox in Arlington Heights ILBotox is an injectable treatment used to strategically relax facial muscles. This treatment can be used by your dentist to address multiple concerns. If you are curious about adding Botox to your dental treatment plan, learn three potential uses for Botox at the dentist:

To Combat Signs of Aging

Botox is best known for combating common signs of aging like facial lines and wrinkles. If you have frown lines, forehead lines, and crow’s feet, Botox can help relax your facial muscles and temporarily smooth out these imperfections. We often recommend that patients include Botox in their cosmetic dentistry treatment plans for increased facial aesthetics. Often, this helps patients feel even more confident with their final results and more willing to show off their smiles to the rest of the world. Botox injections can also be administered at your next dental cleaning or teeth whitening appointment for maximum convienence. The next time you visit the dentist, ask them about incorperating Botox into your treatment plan.

To Prevent Signs of Aging

You don’t have to wait until you have developed signs of aging to enjoy the benefits of Botox. In fact, Botox is offered to young adults as a preventative measure. By strategically relaxing certain facial muscles and preventing them from contracting as often, Botox can help younger patients prevent future signs of aging. If you are noticing the development of forehead lines, frown lines, or crow’s feet, ask your dentist about preventative Botox. FDA approved, Botox is a quick and relatively painless procedure that can be performed during your routine dental visits in about 10-15 minutes. Men and women of all ages can enjoy the benefits of Botox.

To Treat TMJ Symptoms

TMJ disorders come with a variety of symptoms including jaw pain and tension headaches from overworked facial muscles. To combat these symptoms, Botox can be used to strategically target and relax your jaw muscless and relieve tension in your facial muscles. If you are experiencing a TMJ symptom flare up, we recommend coming in for Botox treatment. While this will only temporarily relieve your symptoms, patients often come in for routine Botox treatments to prevent facial tension and jawbone pain from occuring. If you would like to learn more about incorperating Botox into your next dentist appointment, schedule an appointment with Dr. Engelberg, your local cosmetic dentist in Arlington Heights. We look forward to seeing you soon.