Answering Cosmetic Dentistry Questions

Cosmetic dental care helps improve the look and health of the smile. Our cosmetic dental treatments help patients achieve brighter, straighter, and more functional smiles. In our office, our team is dedicated to helping patients meet their cosmetic dentistry goals in Arlington Heights, IL. We welcome patients to discover more about their cosmetic options and how they can improve their smiles.

cosmetic dentistry in Arlington Heights, IL

Q&A: Cosmetic Dentistry in Arlington Heights

Read answers to popular questions about cosmetic dental treatments to learn more:

What problems can cosmetic dentistry treat?

Cosmetic dental care can treat crooked and discolored teeth, tooth gaps, tooth chips, tooth cracks, and mishappen teeth. With cosmetic dental care, we can straighten, correct and brighten teeth.

What is the difference between traditional and minimal prep veneers?

Regular dental veneers often need preparation to ensure that they conform to teeth. Minimal prep veneers require little to no preparation. Typically, we recommend minimal prep veneers for patients who want smaller changes to their smile. We can address discolored teeth, tooth gaps, and other small changes with these veneers. Alternatively, traditional dental veneers can address shortened teeth, gaps, stains, and even slightly crooked teeth.

Do I need dental bonding or porcelain veneers?

Dental bonding uses composite materials to cover one or more damaged teeth. We usually recommend bonding for patients with chips, cracks, or breaks in one or more teeth. Bonding adds tooth-colored material to create a more even smile. It is more difficult to reverse veneers if you choose traditional veneers. Veneers require preparation, so the porcelain ceramic does not feel or look bulky in the mouth. However, minimal-prep veneers can be an option. Dental veneers are best for tooth stains and can address one or all teeth in the smile line.

How does Invisalign compare to metal braces?

Metal braces require more adjustments at regular visits. Typically, an orthodontist needs to replace the metal wires and tighten brackets to place more pressure on teeth. Braces cannot be removed, so cleaning between the wires and brackets can be difficult. Metal braces are also one of the best options for patients with more moderate or complex orthodontic problems.

Alternatively, Invisalign uses clear aligners that are switched out every couple of weeks. Because the aligners are removable, patients can easily eat and clean their smiles. We recommend Invisalign aligners for patients who have mild to moderate orthodontic problems and want a straighter smile, typically in less time than traditional braces.

What causes discolored teeth?

There are many reasons why you experience tooth staining or discoloration. Eating or drinking products containing chromogens or dyes can stain the enamel. Berries, wine, tea, coffee, and tomato sauces can stain teeth. Tobacco products also easily stain and cause other problems like halitosis or bad breath. Tooth chips or dental damage can also discolor single teeth, creating an uneven look.

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