Porcelain Veneers vs. Minimal Prep Veneers

Do you have tooth damage? Are one or more discolored teeth impacting your smile’s appearance? Dental veneers can help. Our office provides two types of veneers that can benefit patients differently. Here we will compare treatment with porcelain veneers vs. minimal prep veneers in our Arlington Heights, IL, dental office. Dental veneers can improve the smile’s appearance and protect teeth from further damage.

Veneers in Arlington Heights, IL

Types of Dental Veneers in Arlington Heights, IL

There are two different types of dental veneers we offer in our office for our patients:

Traditional Veneers

We craft custom-made porcelain veneers out of porcelain ceramic materials. Veneers look like tooth-colored shells that we bond to the front of each tooth. We prepare teeth for veneers when we remove a small portion of the tooth. Etching into the tooth enamel helps keep the veneer stable and removes bulkiness.

We recommend traditional dental veneers for patients with tooth chips, cracks, gaps between teeth, and even slightly crooked teeth. Dental veneers can cover larger areas of damage. We can also use veneers for a single tooth or all of the teeth in the smile line. Because dental veneers last up to 30 years with the right care, patients who choose dental veneers must be committed to wearing them. Patients must also be committed to veneers because of the tooth preparation process. Once we remove a portion of the tooth enamel, we cannot place it back. Patients who choose dental veneers should want a cosmetic option to cover their teeth for many years to come.

Minimal Prep Veneers

Our minimal prep veneers are a better option for patients with healthy teeth and sufficient tooth structure. These veneers require little to no preparation, so we can easily remove these veneers without changing the teeth.

Minimal prep veneers are also made of porcelain ceramic. However, they are much thinner. While regular dental veneers are 0.5 mm thick, minimal prep veneers are 0.3 mm thick. These veneers benefit patients who want to address discolored teeth or small cosmetic imperfections. Minimal prep veneers are also a good option for patients who may not want to commit to permanent veneers and want to see how veneers look on their teeth.

Do you have any questions about your veneer options or are still unsure which type is right for you? Request a dental appointment with Dr. Brent Engelberg online. You can also call AH Smiles (847) 230-9703. Dr. Engelberg or a team member will be happy to discuss treatment with you.