When Do You Need Dental Bonding?

Have you just chipped a permanent tooth? Do you have tooth sensitivity? Dental bonding may be the right treatment for your needs. Bonding treatment uses malleable, tooth-colored materials that we shape and cure to individual teeth. Tooth bonding materials can cover areas of damage or discoloration and create a more seamless-looking smile. We offer dental bonding as a cosmetic dentistry treatment in our Arlington Heights, IL, dental office.

When Do You Need Dental Bonding?


Bonding adds structure to teeth, changes tooth color, and alters the shape of a tooth. A tooth bonding treatment can benefit you if you need to:


Dental bonding can fix a chipped or cracked tooth. We can add bonding material to the chip or crack to add more structure to the tooth. Then, we will ensure that the bonding material blends in seamlessly with the rest of the tooth. We color-match the material to the tooth to create a natural look.


Tooth wear and damage can be one of the most common causes of sensitive teeth. If you have worn tooth enamel, you most likely experience sensitivity to temperature when eating or drinking. Covering and protecting your worn enamel with bonding material can minimize your sensitivity.


If you have misshapen or slightly crooked teeth, dental bonding treatment can create a more even-looking smile. Bonding can also create a more balanced bite and help close gaps in the smile.


Sometimes damaged teeth can be discolored. A hit to a tooth or wear over time can expose dentin, the darker underlayer beneath the outer tooth enamel. Because this staining is intrinsic or within the tooth, we cannot fix the tooth with professional whitening treatment.

Instead, bonding material can cover the stained tooth. We will color-match the bonding material to the rest of the teeth in the mouth to ensure that the bonded tooth does not stand out.


Dental bonding treatment offers a much more quick and more efficient treatment option than other cosmetic treatments like veneers. If you have minor tooth damage or wear in one or more teeth, we will recommend bonding treatment. During treatment, we will clean and prepare the teeth for the material. Then, we apply and shape the bonding material. Finally, we cure and harden the material. We do not need to create a separate component to cover the tooth, and bonding treatment can take just one visit.

Do you need to treat discolored or damaged teeth? Try tooth bonding. Request a dental consultation with Dr. Brent Engelberg at AH Smiles on our website if you want to learn more about bonding. You can also call Dr. Engelberg for care today at (847) 230-9703.