What’s Causing Your Bad Breath?

Bad breath, medically referred to as Halitosis, can be embarrassing and difficult to live with. While most of us will experience the occasional bout of bad breath caused by eating certain foods or other daily activities, chronic bad breath is often a sign of a bigger problem. Bad breath treatment in Arlington Heights, IL, can happen in a variety of ways, depending on what’s causing it. Halitosis can be a sign of a dental problem or a medical concern. It can also just be a symptom of certain medications. After examining your mouth, your dentist can help determine the source of your bad breath and propose a treatment plan to help.

BAD BREATH TREATMENT in Arlington Heights, IL can vary depending on what's causing your bad breath

What Can Cause Bad Breath?

Bad breath can be the result of a number of different problems. Some of the leading causes of bad breath, however, are dental-related. Everything from bad oral hygiene to gum disease can cause a patient to suffer from Halitosis. If you do have chronic bad breath, make an appointment with your dentist to see if a dental concern is the culprit.

Gum Disease or Yeast Infection

Bacteria in your mouth can quickly lead to disease and infections. A bad smell is commonly associated with many infections; it’s the body’s natural way of letting you know that something is wrong. Treating gum disease or a yeast infection can help clear bacteria from your mouth and improve your breath.

Tooth Decay

Disease and infection don’t just affect the soft tissue in your mouth. When teeth suffer decay, a similar bad breath symptom is likely. If your dentist notices decay on your teeth while examining your bite, they can recommend a treatment option that may be able to help. Treatment for tooth decay can range from something as simple as a cavity filling to more extensive treatment such as extraction. Your dentist will recommend the best treatment that will help keep your mouth healthy while improving your breath.

Dry Mouth

Saliva plays a very important role in the health of your mouth. It helps keep everything moist and also washes away bacteria and other unwanted microorganisms from your teeth and gums. Patients who suffer from dry mouth also tend to suffer from bad breath. This is because the lack of saliva makes it easier for bacteria to grow and spread in their mouths. Treatment for dry mouth is almost as varied as treatment for bad breath, but your dentist can help determine which treatment is best for you.

Options for Bad Breath Treatment in Arlington Heights, IL

If you suffer from chronic bad breath, it can be difficult to socialize as you want to. Bad breath is often a sign of a greater dental or medical issue. So, it’s important that you get an exam right away. At AH Smiles, we can identify the source of your bad breath and recommend treatment that may be able to help. If your bad breath isn’t caused by a dental problem, we’ll also work with your medical doctor to find out what could be at fault. Call us today at (847) 230-9703 to schedule an appointment and learn what’s causing your bad breath.