How Advanced Dental Technology Helps Improve Your Care

Every year, innovators from every industry work on creating new technology that helps improve our lives. At AH Smiles, we use advanced dental technology in Arlington Heights, IL, to help our patients receive higher-quality care with better comfort. During your appointment, we use a combination of the latest technology in restorative dentistry, local anesthetics, and x-rays to help you get the treatment you need. Our commitment to advancing dental technology helps us find newer, better ways to protect your teeth and gums.

Dental Technology in Arlington Heights IL can help improve the quality of your care

How we Use Dental Technology in Arlington Heights, IL

Dental technology can be used at any step in your dental treatment. X-rays and other diagnostic tools help us identify dental problems before they turn into serious issues. Injection tools help us provide comfortable and highly accurate anesthetic injections. And same-day dentistry machines allow us to provide quick and effective treatment as soon as it’s needed.

Diagnostic Technology

Catching dental problems early on is key in preventing costly and invasive dental procedures. We use a combination of digital x-ray technology and other diagnostic tools that help us track your oral health and identify any concerns. With Diagnodent, we can quickly spot tooth decay at the cavity level to treat it before it spreads. With Overjet AI, we can monitor your teeth and gums to track any developing problems and recommend treatment when needed. And with BioJVA™, we can better see how your temporomandibular joints react to movement to help identify and treat certain jaw disorders.

Anesthetic Technology

Local anesthesia is commonly applied to help reduce pain and discomfort. However, getting a shot in your mouth can be painful initially. It’s common for patients to have a little anxiety over their appointments. That’s why we use the latest in anesthetic technology to help make getting numb less stressful. The Wand® STA® allows us to deliver anesthetic in a consistent and comfortable way. This method generally leads to a more controlled injection, meaning the anesthetic is less likely to spread and cause further numbness. We also use DentalVibe to help reduce pain during an injection. This hand-held injection tool creates a vibration in your gums that helps distract the brain from the sensation of the needle.

Restorative Technology

Before modern advances in technology, certain treatments, such as a dental crown, would take two separate appointments. Patients would have to sit with a temporary restoration in their mouth until their permanent was fabricated. But with CAD/CAM technology, dentists can now provide same-day treatment for some restoration cases. During your appointment, we can use high-quality digital x-rays and impressions to fabricate crowns, inlays, onlays, and even veneers right in our office. You could walk out of the office with your permanent restoration without needing to wait and make a return trip.

At AH Smiles, we work hard to ensure our patients are as comfortable as possible while still receiving the high-quality treatment they deserve. Call us today at (847) 230-9703 to schedule a consultation and learn more about how our dental technology can improve your next visit.