Replacement Options for Missing Teeth

Having all of your teeth doesn’t just lead to a complete smile; it also helps improve your oral health and reduce the risks of dental conditions. When you’re missing teeth in Arlington Heights, IL, you could be opening yourself up to worsening problems, such as jaw disorders. The sooner you replace missing teeth, the sooner you can strengthen your bite and help prevent further damage. After examining your mouth and taking X-rays, your dentist can help recommend the best replacement option for your bite.

MISSING TEETH in Arlington Heights IL can be treated with a variety of restorative options

Ways to Replace Missing Teeth in Arlington Heights, IL

There are plenty of options available to treat missing teeth. In some cases, tooth extraction may even be a part of a greater orthodontic treatment plan. But if you lost a tooth unexpectedly or due to decay and disease, your dentist will need to help you come up with a replacement option. What kind of restoration work you need will often depend on how many missing teeth you have and the health of your remaining teeth.

Single Dental Implants

If you’re only missing one tooth and you have high oral health, your dentist is likely to recommend a dental implant. Implants are often the most popular replacement option because they offer a host of benefits that other options tend to lack. Implant posts are surgically placed into your jaw, where the titanium material then integrates with your jawbone. This process allows the implant to essentially mimic the natural root structure of your tooth. Implants can often lead to improved bite strength and restoration stability. However, if you have gum disease or bone density loss, you may need additional treatment before getting an implant.

Dental Bridge

Dental bridges are often used to replace multiple teeth in a row, but they can also be used for a single missing tooth. Within the dental bridge category, you can choose either a traditional bridge or an implant-supported bridge. A traditional bridge uses dental crowns on your natural teeth to support a set of pontics (fake teeth). An implant-supported bridge uses dental crowns on implants that are placed at either end of your bridge.


For patients who are missing an entire arch of teeth, dentures are often the main restoration option. With traditional dentures, patients can remove their oral prosthetics for ease of cleaning and maintenance. But patients may also be able to get an implant-secured denture. In this process, your dentist will strategically place a few implants into your jaw. The denture is then secured into place, providing a more stable and permanent replacement option.

If you’re missing teeth in your smile, your entire mouth could be affected. At AH Smiles, we have a variety of tooth replacement options available. Call us today at (847) 230-9703 to schedule an initial consultation. After examining your mouth, Dr. Brent Engelberg can create a treatment plan designed to help your unique bite and smile.