Dental Implants Deerfield, IL

Dr. Brent Engelberg offers dental implants to his patients in the Deerfield, IL area. At AH Smiles, a Deerfield, IL cosmetic dentistry, our caring and compassionate staff will educate you on the choices you have including dental implants to help you make the best decision for your long term dental health.

Why Replace Missing Teeth?

Having missing teeth can be embarrassing and harmful to your oral health. Even just one missing tooth can cause your teeth to shift and your face to look older. It can also affect your smile and your ability to eat certain foods. The way you look and feel about your appearance can have negative consequences on your life. When you’re missing teeth, bone loss and an unbalanced bite will occur. An unbalanced bite will lead to TMJ symptoms.

Dental Implants vs Dentures

Dr. Engelberg, offers several replacement options for missing teeth. The best treatment for you will depend on your personal oral health needs and cosmetic goals. Dr. Engelberg will evaluate your gums and teeth and present you with all of your treatment options. Dental implants are recommended over removable appliances like dentures because they last longer and have more natural looking result. Dental implants also offer long term benefits for dental health when compared to dentures. Dentures may seem like the less costly option at first, but they will require adjustments or replacements over the years. Dental implants, while more expensive, are permanent and won’t require costly adjustments.

Parts of the Dental Implant

Implant post – This is the bottom part of the dental implant that is surgically placed into your jaw bone, below the gum line. It is cylinder shaped and resembles a screw. It’s made up of bio-compatible titanium that will eventually fuse to your jaw. This titanium post will act as the tooth root.

Abutment – This is a small part that connects to the implant post. Dr. Engelberg will connect the abutment to the implant post after it has fully fused to the bone. It usually takes around 3-6 months for it to fuse. The abutment will screw right on to the implant post and will sit right at the gum line. This part will support the dental prosthesis.

Prosthetic tooth – The prosthetic tooth is usually a dental crown. The dental crown is typically cemented or screwed on to the abutment. A dental bridge or denture will be used for multiple missing teeth. They can be secured to the abutment by simply snapping them in to place. The prosthetic tooth is the part that will look like a tooth (teeth) and will be color matched to blend seamlessly with your natural teeth.