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Krissy's Transformation

Krissy, who came to Dr. Engelberg from Libertyville, Illinois for cosmetic dentistry, was concerned with the failing dental bonding material on her front tooth, the shade of her teeth, and the overall wear she had experienced on her front teeth. The solution that Dr. Engelberg provided for Krissy (as a participant in one of Dr. Engelberg’s cosmetic dentistry courses that he teaches) was to whiten her teeth, make minor bite adjustments, and to place porcelain veneers and a porcelain onlay. Soon after, this mother of five was able to share a smile with her youngest child once the beautiful dentistry was completed. When a patient grinds their teeth, even in a younger patient we can see this level of wear on the front teeth; however after the porcelain veneers were placed, the worn tooth structure was replaced with a brighter, natural, younger looking smile!

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