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Michelle's Transformation

Michelle came from Buffalo Grove, Illinois to discuss her front teeth after having a friend recommend Dr. Engelberg’s dental work after having received porcelain veneers herself. The issues Michelle presented with were complex, as the front two teeth had been treated with root canals and large metal posts in the roots which caused the teeth to become dark black. In addition, the crowns on these teeth were made in such a way that they looked opaque and unrealistic, yet still did not fully mask the dark color of the underlying tooth. Finally, gum recession had plagued Michelle, and the smile was just not even—Michelle wanted to have complete treatment, which consisted of laser gum reshaping, six porcelain veneers, two tooth-colored posts (replacing the metal posts), and two porcelain crowns. Michelle is very excited about the results as you can see in this video—and her shoe collection makes her smile even more now!

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