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Michael came to Dr. Engelberg from Arlington Heights, Illinois for general dentistry as well as comprehensive dental care. Born without two adult teeth, Michael wanted a plan to replace these teeth with implants as smoothly and conservatively as possible. Congenitally missing teeth (meaning that you are born without them), specifically the adult upper lateral incisors, is relatively common, however is a major cosmetic concern for patients. Modern cosmetic prosthetic dentistry typically recommends the solution to be the establishment of ideal spacing for cosmetic or esthetically pleasing lateral incisors (teeth #7 and #10) through braces, followed by the placement of dental implants in the setup positions when the patient is the appropriate age. In Michael’s case, ideal spacing, implants, and restorative dentistry was coordinated with Dr. Engelberg, an orthodontist, and an oral surgeon to perfection. Dental implants can be restored with a variety of cosmetic materials, including zirconia abutments (which are tooth colored) and all porcelain crowns (such as IPS e.max). Dr. Engelberg is an expert in many cosmetic dental materials and as you can see this case was very successful from a cosmetic and restorative standpoint.