Ice Cream And Tooth Decay

Tooth decay and ice cream, Arlington Heights IL
Summer is approaching and temperatures are warming up! A great way to avoid the heat is by enjoying an ice-cold snack. While these snacks may be refreshing, not all summer snacks are the best for your oral health.

Dr. Brent Engelberg in Arlington Heights, IL want patients to know that some of those popular summertime ice-cold snacks can also affect oral health, increasing the risk of tooth decay. A favorite cold snack is ice cream, which is full of sugar. Dr. Engelberg has tips and tricks for buying and eating ice cream so you can still enjoy this delicious snack while not putting your oral health at risk.

Consuming too much sugar can lead to tooth decay, cavities and gum disease. A cavity arises due to the destruction of the outer surface, or enamel, of the tooth. Tooth decay is very common; in fact, 90% of people have at least one cavity. Although tooth decay occurs often and is treatable, it is much easier to prevent tooth decay than to treat it.

Drs. Engelberg and Mullarkey‘s first tip to avoid tooth decay is to brush your teeth whenever possible after consuming ice cream or other sugary treats. This helps get some of the sugar from the ice cream off of tooth enamel. If you are unable to brush your teeth, rinsing with mouthwash or simply water will still help wash away some of the sugars remaining on surfaces of the teeth and gums.

Another tip to prevent cavities is to avoid adding extra sugar to ice cream. Drs. Engelberg and Mullarkey recommend eating ice cream without the extras, which includes caramel or chocolate sauce. Since ice cream is already full of sugar, adding even more sugar increases the chance of tooth decay.

Although ice cream is full of sugar, this summer snack is a good source of calcium. Having a diet supplemented with calcium keeps teeth healthy, prevents bone loss and strengthens teeth. Limiting ice cream consumption is important for overall and oral health, however it does not need to be avoided completely. Drs. Engelberg and Mullarkey also recommend buying ice cream that is either sugar-free or low in sugar.

Even with prevention, tooth decay can occur. Drs. Engelberg and Mullarkey place dental fillings to repair tooth decay and prevent further deterioration.

Remember to also maintain good at home oral health! This includes brushing twice a day, flossing once a day, and rinsing with mouthwash to prevent tooth decay.

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