Time For A Dental Cleaning?

Dental Cleaning in Arlington Heights ILOn Tuesday, we discussed the importance of a dental checkup. Today, we want to remind our patients and readers about the importance of dental cleanings. Having your teeth cleaned regularly helps reduce the risk of common oral health problems and also ensures fresher breath and brighter teeth. Is it time to schedule a dental cleaning? Do you have any questions about this preventive procedure?

Try Our Dental Cleaning Quiz

  1. True or False: You should have your teeth cleaned once every six months.
  2. True or False: The procedure is the only way to remove plaque buildup.
  3. True or False: Patients with gum issues may need more frequent visits.
  4. True or False: You should care for your teeth between visits.

Answer Key

  1. True. Just like checkups, the American Dental Association recommends having your teeth cleaned about once every six months. We typically perform the procedure during the same visit as your exam.
  2. True. Plaque accumulates as bacteria break down food particles, coating the teeth in a sticky biofilm that inflames the gums and weakens tooth enamel over time. While brushing and flossing your teeth can reduce the severity of plaque buildup, only a dental cleaning can completely remove the biofilm from your teeth.
  3. True. If you have high risk factors for developing gum disease you may need more frequent visits. Likewise, if you have gum disease these visits can help successfully manage the disease. We may suggest cleanings as often as every three to four months.
  4. True. Even if you have your teeth cleaned as recommended, we still urge patients to always brush and floss properly and daily. Doing so helps protect your smile, keep your teeth bright, and freshen your breath.