What Cosmetic Treatment Do You Need?

We often speak with people who are looking to improve the beauty of their smiles. Over time, various factors can dull the appearance of our teeth, leaving them stained and unattractive. Patients may also suffer from misalignment or issues with the shape of their teeth. Fortunately, we can correct these issues with cosmetic dentistry. What cosmetic treatments do you need to improve your smile?

Our Cosmetic Treatment Options

  1. Teeth Whitening: We offer two different options for brightening teeth. Our home-based option involves wearing trays filled with a bleaching gel every day for the amount of time the dentist recommends, brightening teeth in between one and two weeks. Our office-based option can be completed in under two hours and uses a powerful bleaching gel, activated with a curing light, to remove discoloration in one visit.
  2. Porcelain Veneers: With veneers, we place a thin restoration onto the front of the teeth to completely change the shape and shade of the teeth. Traditional veneers involve removing a thin layer of enamel to make room for the restoration. Minimal prep veneers are much thinner so they don’t require loss of tooth structure. Both options are made from stain-resistant and lifelike porcelain.
  3. Dental Bonding: Using the same composite resin we use for metal-free fillings, we can restore chipped teeth, close gaps between teeth, and even mask permanent discoloration.
  4. Invisalign: We can correct misalignment with a series of clear plastic aligners instead of metal brackets and wires. The aligners can be removed before meals or when brushing /flossing.
  5. Lifelike Restorations: If you have a damaged, decayed, or infected tooth, we can use natural looking and metal-free crowns and fillings to return your smile to optional function and health.