How Will The Dentist Brighten Your Teeth?

In the quest for a brighter smile you may try a number of solutions, from toothpastes to store-bought strips. While these options can offer temporary solutions, we find professional cosmetic dentistry can help patients achieve longer lasting and more substantial stain removal. How will the dentist brighten your teeth? Which option will work best for you?

Common Questions About Brightening Smiles with Teeth Whitening

Question: How does the office procedure work?

Answer: The entire teeth whitening procedure takes just one visit and can often be completed in under two hours. The doctor will take steps to protect the lips and gums and then will apply a powerful bleaching gel to the teeth. Once applied, the gel is then activated with a light, removing stains and helping patients obtain a smile six to ten shades brighter on average. We also complete the procedure with a fluoride treatment, which strengthens your teeth against tooth decay.

Question: Should I consider a home-based solution?

Answer: We also offer another option: take-home trays. We create a series of plastic trays and prescribe a bleaching gel. You will wear the gel-filled trays for the amount of time the doctor recommends each day over the course of a week to ten days.

Question: Can restorations brighten teeth?

Answer: In some cases, such as stains caused by injury or fluorosis, we may suggest a restoration. Dental veneers are thin and fit onto the surface of the teeth. They can mask discoloration, as well as issues with the shape of your teeth.

Question: Can I keep my smile bright with preventive dentistry?

Answer: Yes. You can help your newly brightened smile last by brushing, flossing, and having your teeth cleaned as the doctor recommends.

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