What Should I Expect From A Root Canal?

When a tooth develops an infection or an abscess, treatment is crucial. Otherwise, serious complications could arise that will threaten the stability of the tooth. In order to address an infected tooth, the dentist may prescribe a root canal. What should you expect from a root canal?

Frequently Asked Questions About Root Canal Therapy

Question: How do I know if I need one?

Answer: The doctor will examine your smile during a routine checkup and if the presence of serious decay or infection is noted, the treatment may be prescribed. Outside of a visit, if you notice your tooth hurts, especially when biting or chewing, you should schedule a visit. Other symptoms include fever, tooth sensitivity, and swelling near the tooth.

Question: What happens during the procedure?

Answer: First, we will administer local anesthesia to ensure the procedure is comfortable. We will then open the tooth to access and remove the infected tissue. After removing the tissue, we clean the interior of the root canals. We then fill the tooth with a restorative material (known as gutta percha).

Question: How will my tooth look afterward?

Answer: The final step of the procedure ensures your tooth will continue to look healthy. We create a natural looking ceramic crown and place it on the tooth. Using the CEREC system, we can complete this step in the same visit. The crown then blends with the rest of your smile.

Question: What happens if I don’t receive treatment?

Answer: Without treatment, the infection can eventually cause the inner pulp to die. Since the pulp keeps the tooth alive and healthy, this effectively kills the tooth and allows the infection to spread to surrounding teeth. To avoid losing a tooth (or possibly more in extreme cases) you should see your dentist if you experience persistent discomfort.

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