FAQS About Botox® And Our Other Facial Treatments

Most people assume that as a dental practice, we offer teeth whitening, veneers, and other cosmetic treatments. However, most are surprised to learn that we can also address facial esthetics well. Currently, our office offers Botox®, Kybella® and an array of dermal fillers to help address various signs of aging. Do you have questions about our treatments for facial esthetics?

Frequently Asked Questions About Botox, Dermal Fillers, and Kybella®

Question: How does Botox treatment work?

Answer: By administering a special protein via injection, the dentist can help smooth lines in your face, such as in the forehead. The protein prevents the muscle tension behind these lines and wrinkles. The treatment can be administered during a routine checkup and the results can last up to six months.

Question: What issues will dermal fillers address?

Answer: Dermal fillers are sued to fill in lines around the nose and mouth. We can use Juvederm products to address these issues. Juvederm and Juverderm Ultra can be used to plump the lips and fill in the nasolabial folds, with results lasting for several months or up to a year. We can also use Voluma to lift sagging cheeks and add fullness to the face, with results lasting for up to two years!

Question: When do you recommend Kybella?

Answer: Our newest facial esthetic treatment, Kybella is injected under the chin. For some people, this area can contain an accumulation of fat cells. Kybella targets and destroys the fat cells under the chin. Administered in multiple 20 minute treatments over the course of four to six months, Kybella can prevent fat cell accumulation in the future.

Question: Do these treatments address oral health concerns as well?

Answer: We can actually use Botox to ease the tension behind TMJ disorder!

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