What’s Causing My Tooth To Hurt?

No one enjoys a toothache. Sometimes, they are related to minor issues, meaning the pain will subside. But if the discomfort persists for 48 hours, then you could have an oral health concern that requires treatment. We can perform a thorough examination to assess what’s causing your tooth to hurt, offering treatment to protect your smile from serious complications.

toothache checkup in Arlington Heights IL5 Possible Causes of an Aching Tooth

  1. Sinus Infection: Did you now that a sinus infection can lead to pain in your tooth? For many people this is definitely the case (especially since the spring allergy season is upon us). However, the discomfort will pass after a few hours. But if it remains, then you may need to see your dentist for a diagnosis.
  2. Cavity: A cavity forms when bacteria can bypass the protective layer of tooth enamel, reaching the more sensitive dentin that makes up the majority of the tooth structure. Once decay forms, the teeth may feel sensitive to hot or cold temperatures or possibly hurt.
  3. Infected Tooth: When we don’t see the dentist for cavity treatment, the bacteria will eventually reach the pulp. Your tooth’s nerve center, the pulp ensures your tooth is alive and healthy. An infection can lead to major discomfort, as well as swelling near the tooth and fever. If alerted in time, we can treat the issue with a root canal. However, in cases where infection has not been addressed in time, the tooth may require removal to stop the spread of infection to surrounding teeth.
  4. Teeth Grinding: Patients with bruxism grind their teeth frequently, which can hurt the jaw, damage teeth, and lead to a greater risk of decay and infection.
  5. Injured Tooth: If you chip or crack a tooth then you may experience frequent and persistent aches until you see your dentist for treatment.

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