We’re Answering Questions About Root Canal Therapy!

Root Canal Therapy in Arlington Heights ILWe offer a wide array of restorative treatments, all with one goal in mind: restoring the function of your tooth, as well as the health and appearance. You’re probably familiar with fillings and crowns, but one procedure often leaves people nervous, root canal therapy. Many patients unfortunately seem unaware that this is a safe and comfortable procedure, which can be used to preserve your tooth in the event of an infection.

Frequently Asked Questions About Root Canal Therapy

Question: When do you prescribe this procedure?

Answer: We recommend the procedure when a tooth develops either an infection or an abscess. Also, should a tooth become cracked we may recommend this option. The procedure is designed to remove infected tissue and prevent further discomfort and eliminate the risk of losing the tooth altogether.

Question: Will the root canal be uncomfortable?

Answer: No, we always administer a local anesthetic to ensure the procedure is comfortable. In fact, many people find it comparable to receiving a simple dental filling. Unfortunately, due to misinformation over the years many people have developed an inaccurate picture of what a root canal involves and how uncomfortable the procedure can be.

Question: What happens during the procedure?

Answer: We open the tooth and remove the infected pulp tissue. We then thoroughly clean the inside of the tooth and place a restorative filling material known as gutta percha.

Question: How do you protect my tooth from further decay/infection?

Answer: We end the procedure by placing a custom-made dental crown over the tooth. The crown prevents further decay and infection, protecting the tooth. In addition, we use lifelike materials to ensure the tooth looks natural and blends with your smile. If you have any questions about our endodontic procedure then please contact our office today.

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