Do I Need An Inlay And Onlay?

Dental inlay and onlay in Arlington Heights ILA dental restoration is used to repair a tooth that has become cracked, chipped, or developed decay or infection. Without a restoration, the issue can continue to grow more serious, eventually threatening the stability of your tooth. Fortunately, we can use restorations, such as inlays and onlays, to repair the tooth.

The Dangers of a Damaged or Decayed Tooth

When a tooth becomes chipped or broken, or if decay develops, then the inner tooth structure is exposed. Harmful bacteria can then move past the outer enamel and reach the inner dentin, leading to the onset of a cavity and without treatment, eventually an infection. In order to avoid discomfort and poor oral health, you should see the dentist for treatment once you notice damage or a persistent toothache.

Inlays and Onlays

In situations where a specific area of the tooth’s surface develops decay or damage, we may be able to place a custom-made porcelain restoration. After cleaning the tooth and removing decay, we will take detailed impressions. Using these, we will create a new restoration. The inlay fits between the cusps on top of the tooth. An onlay fits over the cusps. Each one targets a specific area of the tooth, helping to preserve more tooth structure.

Dental Crowns and Fillings

Now, should the decay be minor, we can often address it using a filling. Made from composite resin, our metal-free fillings will blend with the tooth. Should the cavity be advanced or the damage more severe, then we may forego inlays and onlays in favor of a dental crown, which covers the entirety of the visible tooth structure. If you have any questions about our restorations, then please contact our office today.

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