As Technology Advances, Dentistry Improves

Technology is continuously developing. Technology impacts every aspect of life from how we interact with our homes to how we receive medical care. New tools, materials, and techniques are always emerging in the field of dentistry. New tools are designed to diagnose early, treat less invasively, and to create more naturally beautiful smiles. Dr. Brent Engelberg and Dr. Jennifer Mullarkey of Arlington Heights Smiles use the most advanced techniques and tools providing their patients with state of the art dental care.

Dr. Engelberg and Dr. Mullarkey are dedicated to remaining at the forefront of dental technology. We believe that advancements in materials and tools help patients enjoy more stable, lasting smiles. AH, Smiles uses diagnostic tools to catch developing concerns early, digital imaging for more accurate restorations, and innovative techniques to provide pain-free anesthesia. We help patients achieve beautiful smiles built on healthy foundations so that they may enjoy the benefits of long-term oral health.

digital technology for better dental care arlington heights il

Dental Technology for More Beautiful Smiles

AH SMILES utilizes digital technology to enhance our high-quality dental services.

Intraoral camera: The intraoral camera uses digital imaging to examine the oral cavity. Dr. Engelberg can get a more comprehensive overview of the condition and health of the teeth and gums. The intraoral camera helps with early detections of developing dental health concerns.

DIAGNOdent®: DIAGNOdent scans teeth for early signs of tooth decay before they are visible to the human eye. DIAGNOdent can allow for conservative treatment of cavities before infection of the inner pulp occurs potentially saving the tooth.

The Wand®: Dental anxiety can be debilitating and causes many patients to avoid visiting the dentist on a routine basis. Even the thought of local anesthesia can make some patients uncomfortable and frightened. Dr. Engelberg offers The Wand; an innovate way that administers anesthesia without the fear or discomfort of a traditional syringe.

ShadeVision™: ShadeVision helps precisely match the color and shade of replacement teeth. Dr. Engelberg combines ShadeVision technology with the most modern dental materials to create beautiful, seamless dental restorations for replacing missing teeth or repairing damaged teeth.

Experience Advanced Dental Care

Dr. Engelberg also offers digital photography, oral cancer screenings, and more. Our patients can feel safe and confident in our office with the knowledge that we are fully equipped to handle everything from dental emergencies to the most demanding cosmetic requests.

Our state of the art dental facility is located in Arlington Heights, IL and provides comprehensive and personalized dental care to children, teens, and adults. To learn more about the dental technology that Dr. Engelberg offers families or about his general, cosmetic, and restorative dental procedures, please call Arlington Heights Smiles today at (847) 230-9703.