Designed With Natural Teeth In Mind

Dental implants have a 90% success rate. Used to restore a single missing tooth, several missing teeth or to secure a full denture, dental implants are the most natural and durable way to restore your smile after tooth loss. Dr. Brent Engelberg is a highly trained and experienced general dentist who helps patients rebuild their smiles after losing or damaging teeth. Our team coordinates all phases of your treatment and works closely with local oral surgeons to maintain our high standard of care.

Dental implants are a comfortable and natural looking solution to replacing missing teeth. Many patients who choose implants often forget they even have a prosthetic tooth. For patients who have suffered from missing teeth or an ill fit denture for a long time, implants can be life-changing. Dental implants support long-term oral health, improve comfort, and enhance the natural appearance of your beautiful smile.

Dental implants in Arlington Heights IL

Designed With Natural Teeth In Mind

  • Created for Comfort: Every aspect of a dental implant is uniquely tailored to the specifications of a patients mouth. The implant post and dental restoration are carefully crafted and placed to improve the patients emotional and physical comfort. Patients tend to feel more confident smiling and speaking with a dental implant secured restoration. Patients enjoy knowing that their implant looks and feels like a real tooth, and find comfort in knowing that others can not tell they have a prosthetic tooth.  Traditional dentures and bridges tend to be cumbersome and often rub, irritating soft tissues when fitting improperly. Dental implants eliminate the need to worry about a denture slipping out of place while you eat or speak. Implants hold dental restorations securely allowing patients to speak and chew comfortably. Implants enable patients to enjoy a diet without restriction and restore almost full chewing function to the bite.
  • Designed for Aesthetics: Having a healthy, beautiful smile improves a patients self-confidence. Dental implants and custom dental restorations can drastically change a patients life for the better. Patients with dental implants enjoy a natural-looking smile that is secure and comfortable. Dental restorations are made from high quality, customizable materials that are shaped and color matched to blend seamlessly with your unique smile. Dental implant secured restorations enhance the aesthetic of a smile.
  • Fabricated to Last: Replacing missing teeth is essential for maintaining the function and structure of the bite. Dental implants help support jaw, gum and tooth health. Without implants, patients with missing teeth are more susceptible to bone loss, gum disease, and shifting of teeth. Implants are fabricated to fuse with the bone, stimulating natural growth and stability. Patients enjoy lasting results that support their oral health.

Dental implants are the most successful, natural way to replace missing teeth. Implants improve oral health, enhance the appearance of the smile and help to restore a comfortable and functional bite. To learn more about how dental implants can improve your smile and support your oral health, contact AH Smiles. Our family-friendly dental office is located in Arlington Heights, IL.