What To Know About Dental Crowns

What Is A Dental Crown?

A dental crown is one of the most common dental procedures performed in our Arlington Heights dentist office for a wide variety of reasons. A dental crown can serve both restorative and cosmetic purposes, providing strength and aesthetics to address many common dental concerns:

Dr. Brent Engelberg and Dr. Oleari place high quality ceramic dental crowns that will enhance your natural smile and support lasting dental health. Using leading edge dental technology and digital imaging, Dr. Engelberg provides superior results with dental restorations that are color matched, precision fit and made from the highest quality materials.

How Many Visits Does A Dental Crown Take?

Dr. Brent Engelberg uses CEREC is a CAD/CAM digital technology which enables your dentist to design, fabricate and place a dental crown during a single visit to our dental office.

Using digital imaging to plan a custom, precision fit dental restoration offers many benefits to the patient:

  • Easy, precise impressions- no messy, gooey trays
  • High quality ceramic materials
  • No need for the use of temporary restorations and a return visit to the dentist

Drs. Engelberg and Oleari also use Shadevision® technology for matching the color of your new crown to neighboring teeth for a result that blends beautifully with your natural smile. An optimal result is a dental restoration that is indistinguishable from your natural teeth.

What Are The Benefits Of A Dental Crown?

  • Strengthening Teeth.
  • Restoring Teeth To Their Natural Shape and Size.
  • Covering a Dental Implant.
  • Protecting a Weak Tooth From Breaking or Restoring a Broken Tooth.
  • Covering Discolored Teeth.
  • Attaching Bridges.
  • Holding a Filling.
  • Enhancing Appearance.

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