Dry Mouth Is More Than Just A Dry Mouth

Treating dry mouth arlington heights il Issues That Can Occur If Dry Mouth Is Not Properly Treated

Dry mouth is a common dental concern that can lead to uncomfortable or embarrassing symptoms. If you are experiencing dry mouth, it is important to visit an experienced dentist for an oral examination. Dr. Brent Engelberg of AH Smiles offers a full range of dentistry solutions for patients with dry mouth. Visit AH Smiles to learn more about your treatment options for dry mouth.


o    Patients often think that poor brushing and flossing habits are the primary cause of cavity formation, but that distinction actually belongs to dry mouth.

o    Dry mouth disrupts remineralization by not allowing teeth to bathe in saliva, and it can also cause the pH of the mouth drop into the acidic zone, which further promotes cavities by allowing harmful bacteria to multiply. Even a few hours of dry mouth can disrupt the mouth’s microbiome and increase your chances of a cavity.

·         Digestive Problems

o    It is very important to note that digestion starts in your mouth. If you don’t have enough saliva to start breaking down food into small enough pieces, and if you have an excess of bad bacteria in your mouth due to an acidic oral pH level, the rest of your digestive system may suffer.

·         Mouth Sores

o    Without enough saliva to neutralize the acids in your mouth and hydrate delicate oral tissue, painful mouth sores can occur. These are especially common in cancer patients.

What Can Cause Dry Mouth?

·         Tobacco Products

o    Smoking or chewing tobacco can decrease saliva production as well as upset the natural bacteria in the mouth, causing a further increase in dry mouth symptoms.

·         How You Are Breathing

o    Many people breathe through their mouth without realizing it, especially at night. The salivary glands slow production while you’re sleeping anyway, but breathing through your mouth only exacerbates the dryness. In the morning you may find it difficult to talk or swallow and have an urge to drink water immediately.

·         Dehydration

o    Dehydration is a condition that many people don’t identify until it has become severe. Many doctors say that if you feel thirsty, you’re already dehydrated. Athletes, in particular, are at risk for dehydration that can cause dry mouth, as are diabetics.

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