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At AH Smiles, Dr. Brent Engelberg and his staff offer complete smile care, from basic maintenance to cosmetic treatments. We work to balance a state-of-the-art office with a warm and welcoming environment that you will want to return to. While our goal will always be to restore and maintain your complete dental health, we will never compromise your comfort for the sake of perfection. Your mental wellbeing is as important as the physical. Here’s what patients have to say about our approach to dental care.

reviews for AH Smiles in Arlington Heights, IL

Patient Testimonials

The Drs. and staff here are fantastic. My husband has always felt pain at the dentist before this office and thought it was something normal that needed to be endured. Here he and Dr. Engelberg worked together to understand the medication he needed for a pain free experience. I like the practice for its spa like atmosphere, massage chairs, relaxing music and decor but I love the practice for its careful, competent, incredible staff.

Lonnie S.

From the minute you walk into the office, you feel calm. And you know this is not your average doctor’s office. There is no television blaring in the corner. Instead you hear the low tones of classical music. The women at the front desk greet you cheerfully, the dental techs are patient and thorough and Dr. Engelberg and Dr. Oleari are attentive and well informed. There is no reason to choose any other dentist. Here you will feel heard, cared for and your teeth will thank you!

Sequana S.

Sunday evening came, dinner was almost over. Suddenly, I felt something hard in my mouth. My crown had come off! Knowing the office was closed, I thought I’d call anyway just to leave a message that perhaps I’d be able to be squeezed in Monday. The call center gave me Dr. Oleari’s number and before I knew, I was meeting him at the dental office (a mere 35 minutes after I spoke with him!) Crown restored to its proper place…. Dr. Oleari didn’t hesitate to meet me at the office, make sure I was comfortable, and replace the crown. He reassured me that I was not upsetting his evening…. If you’re looking for a dental practice that doesn’t just “take your money,” if you love making the right decision the first time, you need to go to AH Smiles!

Eydie M.

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