What are Fixed Hybrid Dentures?

If you’re missing a full arch of teeth, dentures are normally the recommended option for replacement. But with so many different kinds out there, how do you know which one you should get? Dr. Brent Engelberg of AH Smiles, a dentist in Arlington Heights, IL, discusses fixed hybrid dentures and what you need to know about them.dentist in arlington heights, illinois

What are Fixed Hybrid Dentures?

The word dentures usually conjures up an image of traditional dentures. These require adhesive and are something you may remember seeing in a glass on your grandma’s bathroom sink. But with advancements in dentistry, a fixed hybrid denture is an option that’s not removable. It’s held in place and secured by dental implants that are strategically placed within your jaw.

Dentures secured with dental implants have many benefits over the traditional variety. For starters, there’s no need for adhesive. They’re secure in your mouth attached to the dental implants. The implants provide increased stability as well. You don’t have to worry about dentures coming loose when you’re speaking and you don’t have any dietary restrictions! You can also follow a normal oral health routine with no extra maintenance.

What to Expect From the Procedure

Before the procedure, Dr. Engelberg will have a consultation with you. He’ll do a full examination of your mouth, ensuring you have enough bone to support dental implants. If there isn’t enough bone, or you have gum disease or teeth that need to be pulled, all of this will need to be remedied before the procedure can continue.

Next, we’ll use our advanced dental technology to do full scans of your mouth. High-resolution 3-D imagery is used to precisely plan the best placement for dental implants. You want the optimum placement to ensure the stability and success of the procedure. Surgical guides are created so that the best result can be obtained.

Dr. Engelberg then works with a trusted surgical partner for the actual placement of the implants in your jawbone. You’ll get a temporary dental restoration when this is done. The dental implants require about three to six months to fully heal and fuse with the jawbone. This process is necessary and what gives dental implants the stability you’re looking for.

Once they’re healed, you’ll get scans or impressions done so that a custom final dental restoration can be made for you. We want to make sure the denture meets your cosmetic goals and is a perfect fit so that it stays comfortable. Your temporary denture will be given to you in case you need a spare for any reason.

Your Dentist in Arlington Heights, Illinois

One thing that sets AH Smiles above the rest is how we go about the payment for a fixed denture like this. When you see the total fee, that includes absolutely everything. We don’t then charge you extra later for follow-up care or the need to fix any issues that come up down the road. What you see in the fee is all you need to pay for your fixed denture — ever.

Do fixed hybrid dentures sound like the right choice to replace your missing teeth? Call us or schedule an appointment online!