Aftercare For Tooth Extractions

Wisdom teeth removal in Arlington Heights, IL Tooth extractions are a common dental procedure that we perform in our Arlington Heights, IL dentist office. Tooth extraction is often the treatment of last resort but may be recommended for a variety of dental problems such as impacted wisdom teeth, severely decayed teeth, or advanced gum disease. Following the tooth extraction, Dr. Engelberg will give you specific aftercare instructions to ensure proper healing. Here are some tips to follow after you’ve undergone a tooth extraction:

Take It Easy

Many patients prefer to utilize sedation dentistry options when undergoing tooth extraction. If your procedure included the use of general anesthetic or sedation, you should return home as soon as possible following the procedure. You should not operate any mechanical equipment or drive a motor vehicle for at least 24 hours or longer. Because patients’ responses to anesthetic will differ, it’s important to ensure the effects of the anesthetic have disappeared before you begin moving around again. An escort should accompany you to and from your tooth extraction to ensure you are able to leave the dentist’s office safely.

Keep It Clean

Your extraction site will need to heal after the procedure is complete. It’s important that you do not disturb the extraction site on the day of the procedure. Avoid drinking from a straw, smoking, or spitting for at least 48 hours, as these things can be detrimental to the healing process. The day after the extraction, you should begin using a warm saltwater rinse to keep the extraction site clean and to ensure proper healing. Continue doing this for several days, remembering to rinse primarily after meals. Your normal oral hygiene care should resume as soon as you get home; though make sure you are gentle around the extraction site until it heals completely.

Diet & Nutrition

Eating soft, comfortable foods is important for the first few days after the extraction is complete. Soft foods and light liquids will help avoid irritation to the extraction site. Avoid foods like nuts, sunflower seeds, popcorn, or anything that may get lodged in the socket areas. Rinsing with salt water will help keep the extraction sites clean after meals and help you avoid complications like dry sockets, or when the blood clot on your extraction site becomes dislodged due to food residue. Progress toward more solid foods, and take any pain medication that you have been prescribed with food and water to lessen any side effects of nausea or upset stomach.

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